All Tomorrow's Parties 2011 in England

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Curated by our beloved band. Amazing line-up...I hope our European friends can attend. Here's the line up with my own comments: ANIMAL COLLECTIVE GANG GANG DANCE LEE SCRATCH PERRY [color=#FF0040]holy mother of gawd[/color] ARIEL PINK’S HAUNTED GRAFFITI BROADCAST BLACK DICE [color=#FF00BF](of course!)[/color] MEAT PUPPETS performing Up On The Sun [color=#FF00BF]OH MAH GOODNESS[/color] THE FROGS performing It’s Only Right & Natural IUD OMAR-S PRINCE RAMA SPECTRUM DENT MAY [color=#FF0080](and his magnificent ukelele I assume)[/color] GROUP DOUEH THE BROTHERS UNCONNECTED SUBLIME FREQUENCIES DJs + Films DERADOORIAN ZOMBY VLADISLAV DELAY


  • That sounds so cool !
  • CURATED BY haha! that always cracks me up! my comments: ANIMAL COLLECTIVE [color=#FF40FF]obviously![/color] GANG GANG DANCE [color=#00BF40]so gah damn amazing![/color] LEE SCRATCH PERRY [color=#40BFFF]boo![/color] ARIEL PINK’S HAUNTED GRAFFITI [color=#FF00BF]wish he was better live...[/color] BROADCAST [color=#80BFBF]love this band! they need new album! dammit![/color] BLACK DICE [color=#BF0000]this band is bullshit! A Band of Bull Shit! bah![/color]MEAT PUPPETS [color=#FF8040]these guys i need to check out more by [/color]GOODNESS [color=#BF00FF]who?[/color] THE FROGS [color=#80BF40]amusing enough![/color] IUD [color=#BF40BF]pretty dang cool GGD side thing... criminally not spoken of[/color] OMAR-S [color=#FFBFFF]whom?[/color] PRINCE RAMA [color=#BFBFBF]love these guys... they deserve more buzz!!![/color] SPECTRUM [color=#FFBFBF]what![/color] DENT MAY [color=#FFBFBF]eh not my thing!~ magnificent ukelele my ass!!![/color] GROUP DOUEH [color=#FFFFBF]huh?[/color] THE BROTHERS UNCONNECTED [color=#8040BF]better get connected![/color]SUBLIME FREQUENCIES DJs + Films [color=#FF80BF]... the hell is THIS![/color]DERADOORIAN [color=#8040FF]i don't even![/color] ZOMBY [color=#FF8040]in yr heaaaaaaaaad[/color]! VLADISLAV DELAY [color=#00FFFF]so act now don't delay![/color] but yeah i kind of wish i could go to this! oh i'm not THAT down on black dice [and never did actually see them live? though shitizen cope gland opening up for ac was a bore and a chore!] but man they get way more kudos than they damn deserve... just my own personal beef!
  • Yeah, the black dice/animal collective dynamic is an interesting one. To say the least. They opened in Mississippi and while I liked them, or appreciated them, or was too drunk to mind, most of the audience was noisily voicing their disapproval. When I met them at the after party they were real genuinely nice men. So I decided I like them.
  • I like them because Eric Copeland is from Maine and I visit the town he is from with some frequency.
  • ha! you both like them/him for non-music reasons! no i dig some of the stuff they do but they used to have WAY too much respect... i guess now, years later... you could almost say the opposite... no one seems to talk much of them! i must say i vastly prefer their Wastered on the split thingy! it's got a beat you can't danse to!
  • i live in england i might be able to go <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • You should regardless! They will probably have new material!
  • i saw the frogs open for the smashing pumpkins eons ago, they put on a great show. aside from AC, the only ones that made me raise an eyebrow were scratch perry and the puppets
  • [b]This is more than i could wish for!! I was waiting to see AC live and now i will get to see them Live together with all the other great artists they made me discover![/b] Now i have many questions about this event and wether this means that the tour is starting around that time or this is a independent from touring. Anyone from this forum going?
  • Thats awesome that you get to go Hunting!!!!!!!! I'm sure it will be a great show! I keep hoping that because they are doing that show that they will be doing a tour but only time will tell...
  • Thank you Wetigers <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> Hopefully they will also come to the Primavera Sound 2011!! There are many rumours about them coming to Barcelona! If they Tour i will go and see them several times: do my own mini-european tour.
  • Yes, they are definitely going to be at Primavera! I'm so glad you will have all these opportunities, Hunting!
  • [quote]Yes, they are definitely going to be at Primavera! I'm so glad you will have all these opportunities, Hunting![/quote] Thank you!! I myself find it hard to believe!! It will be a dream come true for me. I ve been waiting for so long and really though i woud have to wait for a few more years. Like i said on their FB: they better play a set of all songs of the upcoming album becauz if they play songs of Feels, ST, SJ, etc. [u]i coud litterally die. [/u]
  • I would love to find a link to where Avey said this but in terms of live shows Avey's said that they "want to sweat more!"
  • girl i'ma gonna make you sweat til you can't sweet no moe and if you cry or shout gonna make you sweep some more! oh man the bands! wish i had gone to this! oh if only CURATED BY hahaha
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