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Has anyone else noticed they use a bubbling sound in a lot of their songs? I think they love the bubbling sample. It may not be the exact same one, but still bubbles. It can be found in Flesh Canoe, Bluish, Unsolved Mysteries, For Reverend Green, Seal Eyeing, College, Person Pitch and Down There. I'm just curious to see if anyone else caught on.


  • Yeah, I love the bubbley sounds. Also at the end of banshee beat there's that watery sloshing around. I think they like to create watery fluid landscapes with a lot of there music.
  • 4 reverend green bubbling sound like a constant bong hit
  • [quote="jellyheadxc"]4 reverend green bubbling sound like a constant bong hit[/quote] the start of oliver twist where he whispers something (fuck it maybe? i don't know what it says) and there's the sound of air rushing always reminds me of clearing a bong.
  • ermm i err like the errr BUBBLES they amkke me happy
  • sorry about the spelling in the last post my manager was trundling towards to me and i panicked she came to me again and i panicked again it has taken me half an hour to write this lol !!
  • bubble up! bubble boy... gobble girl!
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