Do the Animals do Drugs?



  • [quote="Shinsy"]why has wolf been deleting all his posts and replacing them with smileys?[/quote] ask him!
  • [quote="Immortal_Apathy"][quote="wolftigerrosebud"][quote="Immortal_Apathy"]I heard that they used to, But gave it up. I really would care if they did do drugs as I don't do them and consider them as a form of weakness. Sure, We may fall along the way, Etc..., But why throw your life away by doing something that is corrupting and pointless? <!-- s:down: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/down.gif" alt=":down:" title="down" /><!-- s:down: --> What bothers me is that when people hear this kind of music, They automatically think drugs. Seriously, Grow something in that head of yours. Just because weird music is being played, Doesn't mean that someone is on drugs.[/quote] Like someone else said, they don't take drugs so much anymore, but they're not tea-totalers. Also, I'm a little hurt by your assertion that drugs are a "sign of weakness", even though what you've said is a wee bit too black and white to be taken seriously, and even though I don't do drugs anymore. There's value in experiences from consciousness-expanding chemicals, and there's bad things that go along with those experiences if they're not done in moderation, but it's not as simple as drug use being a sign of weakness, corruption, and lack of interest in one's life. It's a rather harsh judgment you've issued there, and I wonder where it's coming from and why. In any case, many people, including some whose ideas enhance your life, have used psychedelic or other drugs and done wonderful things, the AC included. The way psychedelics seem to work for most people is that you do them, they show you stuff, they show you some more stuff, then you've gotten all you can out of them. Some people get hung up on doing them, but many get what they can and move on, maybe returning from time to time for an additional taste. Seems like maybe the AC got what they could out of consciousness-expanding things, drugs included, and moved on.[/quote] Yeah, That's true. Well, I've never done any illicit drugs and would never care to. I've seen how it screws people up and I just don't find drugs to be something I would ever care to touch. People do them for different reasons, Such as recreational use, Or because of depression, Etc... So I can understand why people do them. I just wish that they would broaden their outlets in a more positive standpoint and understand that consequences lye with drugs. The same goes for pills as well. A drug is a drug. People think that oh, Well, It's okay, I will just do mushrooms or whatever just this once to [i]try[/i] it. The next thing they know, They are addicted to their drug of choice and that is when the cycle begins. I apologize for sounding so harsh. It's just that I don't like drugs, But that doesn't mean to hate those that do. I just hate to see them destroying themselves when there are other things to do that are worthwhile.[/quote] <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... -high.html</a><!-- m --> haha, I just think that article's funny. I think people look at drugs in a certain way just because the life-destroying cases are brought to the surface while success stories are pushed down to the bottom (because heaven forbid drugs ever be given credit for something). I think the truth is that you only have a chance of ruining your life with drugs if you're irresponsible. A pretty simple rule is always do that kind of thing in moderation, and rarely, if ever, use any kind of hard drug because those are the most risky. Not only do people live normal lives as casual drug users, but they go on to be better people than if they had never tried drugs. And this is all coming from a kid who doesn't do drugs so it's not like I'm defending myself or something, just making observations.
  • Tea totallers. Why did I not catch that before? The word is teetotaler. From T-Total abstinence of imbibing spirits. Lest you think I am suddenly introducing snark into this beloved forum, let me remind you I am a librarian and I LOVE YOU.
  • now, don't get me wrong, if someone can smoke pot occassionally and not have it effect their success in life than they can go right ahead but I have yet to meet someone like that and i've known too many people to count that smoke pot and do every other kind of drug.
  • I'll take a stab at this one. Drugs most likely informed them of the true nature of music. Then they realized that their music is the most powerful drug they could ever want. So yeah, they do drugs. But they are the drugs.
  • yr glove is mah drug!
  • <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=";"></a><!-- m --> dave is wheeter, if you're bored or interested read through it, he talks extensively about drugs.
  • he's a really cool dude, i think his opinion on all this stuff is very worthwhile. i like where he said you can explore all types of music without drugs. he is a smart guy
  • i didn't like how he badmouthed radiohead! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
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    Radiohead is good! Edit: Kid A is da bomb. Edit: Even though it sounds totally cold at times. All Radiohead's music sounds that way to me, even though I like it. I think that's kind of what they're going for, though I could be wrong.
  • That's cool. I've always wondered what the bands' names were on CA.
  • who are you talking to? [you on drugs, boy?] oh god! ha!
  • Hah, I'm almost 9 months clean and sober.
  • Well congrats on that!
  • i'm going to jump in and say Congrats too! That's really something to be proud of.
  • Thanks Tigers! You're a sweetheart. You're also good at reminding me of what's important.
  • <3 I'm glad, Dave! I also think that are profile pics look nice together.
  • Yes! I hadn't noticed that, but you're right. The colors go together nicely.
  • Oh, it's very true. The avatars do look very nice together. good find, scout.
  • ermmm my avatar isnt coming up anymore........ but very well done to you an achievement is worth it in teh end
  • Has anyone tried the new Black Magic Powder? It's kind of like K2.. but WAY more intense.
  • Legal highs are dangerous. A bunch of people OD'd on some 2c-e (I think that's what it was) recently, one guy died. It's definitely more dangerous than smoking herb IMO, since all that stuff has who-knows-what in it. Pot may be illegal, but you're smoking a flower. Be real careful with that--it's not worth getting sick or dying over just to get a little high. Also, there's actually a thread going already that's for general drug conversations.
  • Oh, I'm glad you said that actually. I HATE all that K2, Black Magic, Posh crap. I hate it. It makes me feel so sick and the high is not good. I just forget everything and it makes me not myself at all. I'm sad that ganja is illegal while that stuff that is CLEARLY worse for you IS legal. There's some screwed up stuff about our government.
  • [quote="Dave"]Legal highs are dangerous. A bunch of people OD'd on some 2c-e (I think that's what it was) recently, one guy died.[/quote] was this the one that happened in Blaine, Minnesota? i'm like 5-10 min from there! <!-- s:o --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/eek.gif" alt=":o" title="eek" /><!-- s:o -->
  • Minnesota sounds right. I don't really remember; it was something I read in the National Briefs column (is that the column for 3000 mile wide underwear?)
  • avey tare in his underwear! smoking his own damn hair!
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