Primavera Sound Festival 2011

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Animal Collective will be playing at the Primavera Sound Festival next year. Here is the news story on the site. [url][/url] Here is the line-up for the festival. [url][/url]


  • [quote]Animal Collective »Broadcast »Mercury Rev perform Deserter's Songs »Pulp »The Fiery Furnaces »The Flaming Lips[/quote] good stuff! ... man broadcast is really getting around these days? where the hell is their album! last proper one was 2005!!!... and murkREV doing deserter's songs... damn that'd be GREAT... but the bestest / oddball curveball thrown in seems to be: Papas Fritas!!! holy crap! i thought they were DEAD! talk about a great fun poppy band that never truly got its due! and they never shall!
  • and they never did :(
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