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well i listen to AC ariddly but i can understand the lyrics the only problem is is that i listen and understanding the storyline behind the songs is to confusing to my fragile mind please can people help me ! i want people to post the storylines to the AC songs and any other bands that you enjoy teh storyline of one i do understand is no more runnin and that makes me sad but happy at the same time any storys everyone !!


  • hahah i do agree i listen and understand the lyrics but the hidden message and storyline bewilder me !
  • one of my faves was when davey posted lyrics for lock graven on the old akka board and one of the lines was something like: *turns into a werewolf and attacks* not like him saying it but that is what happens IN the song that is represented audio-ally! and then some guy quotes that and says "man what the fuck is that shit" haha! the fact someone said that cracked me up and the WAY he said it... because obviously it IS weirdo shit but you don't say that!!! ... just one of those moments! avey and his damn werewolf glove he feels like one!
  • hmmm werewolf soup!
  • Most of our songs are about what we were thinking of or doing the moment we wrote it. For instance, "#1" is about having to pee.
  • I knew it!
  • i had my humches, but i never thought it would lead to this, ITS WORSE THAN I THOUGHT, time to make the call
  • amy001, your poetry fills my life with joy. Its almost like you don't know english and are a robot/patio heater. I like it when you said that Pam was pregnant with Jim, her husband. I don't see how that is possible, seeing as you then said she gave birth to an office, but that's poetry I guess.
  • [quote=MoonDog]I like it when you said that Pam was pregnant with Jim, her husband. I don't see how that is possible, seeing as you then said she gave birth to an office[/quote] hohoho! hey, avey tare, sign my chest?
  • avey tare... wearing panda bear... underwear... making out with 3/4 of grizzly bear
  • and not the three force you'd THINK! try forks!
  • Sporks and corks sprout legs and hork. Hork along, little mutant spoon-fork.
  • I picture April and the phantom to be about a girl who in order to be rebellious against her mother engages in sexual activities with a man who ends up being a phantom in that girls life. But they don't mind.
  • cuz he's a phantom a victim and that leaves me NOTHING! :(|)
  • Sagey thats a really good interpretation
  • But Avey is the phantom! The "I finally see a baby girl" part is really powerful to me.. sounds like he took advantage of April, and is regretting it. "Everybody wants it, can't you see me waste it?"
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  • storylines.........i hear no storylines i hear what i want to hear. even so i prety sure animal collective are not in any way about story lines.....mabye safer........
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    They're all human stories written in a way that's open to interpretation -- so that you can hear what you want to hear. This is a little sharing of what people here hear.
  • kids on holiday seems to be about waiting at an airport and saying goodbye to your parents at the airport. Derek is about a dog, doggy is about a dog, the purplebottle is about usage of cough syrup as an aphrodisiac. JK Feels doesn't have much a concrete story but conjures numerous concrete images. Cities, forests, pastoral settings, homes, ponds lakes, very pretty and such. Kinda reminds me of the nutcracker with jackoffski Strawberry jam seems to make many statements. #1 definetly is a story but I am not convinced it has anything to do with urine. Cobwebs (like safer) is in two parts. Safer is observations followed by a personal narrative of a friend dealing with issues. Cobwebs first part is obscure and creates images in my head that are strewn together and left open to interprit. I interprit it as signs of Armogetton or the world dying. Tell tale signs of bad to come. The second part from "we'll come out in the night" seems to be about a story that is not personal. Well, come out in the night Everybody we know We'll be laughing and singing And there won't be no fighting Well come out in the night Where all the lasers are firing And our babies are gurgling And our elders are wobbly We're not going underground. Are you going underground? I'm not going underground. To me that's a powerful statement of laughing in the hands of our captors and refusing to be forced underground. It has a futuristic sense to me.
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    That's great commentary on Cobwebs... I, too, feel like the "we're not going underground" part is pretty poignant. It's always stuck out to me in a very positive way. I relate to that feeling of a serene and unwavering refusal to submit to something harmful or unjust. But I think #1 really is about having to pee.
  • This is such a great topic.
  • Street flash has amazing lyrics by the by, They definetly have a universal appeal to any specific person and I know that I've turned to this song multiple times when I'm feeling down.
  • lost in the ghosts!
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