Battlestar Gallactica

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Am I the only one (nerd) that watches this show? So far the newer episodes are alright, though Gaeta is being an uber biatch, even though he in a way was working with the [spoiler]Cylons in New Craprica, as seen in the webisodes[/spoiler]. Tonight is a new episode, so it should be good, we'll see what happens when they try to over-power the military.


  • never got the desire to watch this show (though i guess it's a step above that stargate crap) though i watch Lost! and... Prison Break ... haha!
  • I don't watch network television, only stuff on cable. This show is surprisingly good, even if it is a SciFi series.
  • I liked the original, it was pretty cool even thought it's extremely cheesie at times. I watched the pilot episode for the new updated version a few years ago when they released it, but i never really got into it.
  • I never watched the original, but I started watching this one by seasons, starting last year I think; I really grew to like it quite quickly. It develops really well, and has some strong characters that drive the series all the way 'till now, and with only six episodes left, it's quite sad that it's now over. But I think you should give it a try <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif" alt=";)" title="wink" /><!-- s;) -->
  • Dwight Shrute is quite a fan of BG. I must check it out.
  • [quote]though i watch Lost![/quote] YOU ARE MY NEW HERO.
  • weird bump! ... yeah man ... GROUNDHOG DAY .... funny day to start considering the movie and then the time shifts! ... last season i don't consider the best (for Lost) but man if it wasn't just... non-stop fun watching it... just every minute being really exciting and you were waiting for big stuff to happen... it just felt so filler-free compared to some of the past! ... i really don't want the show to end but it MUST! how will it all end! ... they've set it up so that almost nothing will be wholly satisfying...
  • The family and I watched BSG religiously and were vewwy happy with Caprica. Funny, the first cylon was named...shit, now I forget.
  • however it ends, it will either blow my mind, leave me totally hanging, or make me feel like an idiot. "the whole thing just took place inside a weird sno-globe" THANKS JJ. ABRHAMS.
  • GLOBEY! :(|) all of this has happened before! the war! THIS WAR! this house! OUR HOME!
  • reminds me what we're here for~!
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    I like Battlestar at times but a couple of the episodes were just dumb imo. I need to finsih the second season. My friends all love the show and I think it's worth it to continue to watch.
  • i don't know! WHERE TO GO whom to see WHAT TO DO vut to bereev
  • it's like ST:TNG and i'm commander datum! GAYtuh! haha! uh!
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