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Have y'all heard of fan fiction? If anyone doesn't know, it's people writing fantasies about interacting with their idols, often in a "romantic" nature. I found this out on collected animules: there is some site that is ac fan fiction. I won't link to it because I don't want any connection between us and them. It makes me feel so many things, embarrassed, sad, kind of grossed out. Imagine being the band and never knowing if the fan they are interacting with is one of those. (one reason why I never let on that I know who they are when I meet famous people) And for those of you who feel I insulted their intelligence by questioning whether they had heard of fan fiction, it is actually quite a fringe element and you are a weirdo. <!-- s:heart: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/heart.gif" alt=":heart:" title="heart" /><!-- s:heart: --> Although I must say, fantasizing about idealized people is human nature.


  • avey began to slowly rub panda's leg... ah haha! i think it is just fine and the band themselves have a fun warped sense of humor... i don't think they'd be THAT weirded out... i mean esp. after years of being on Collect them Mules! but then again... me always talking about wanting Geo's beard trimmings on the board and then bringing that up in "REAL LIFE" really damn weirded out deeks and brian didn't seem to find it very amusing either... (too far! ... i suppose... oh well!)
  • i've just read the thing and winilula i totally agree with you it is embarrasing!
  • Anime fan fiction is awesome. Sometimes. *shivers* "I've...seen things you people wouldn't believe."
  • i don't dare read it. I just accidentally read a strokes fanfiction the other day involving some Julian and Albert love and it was so terribly awkward but I still read it.
  • i've heard of this, never wanted to read anything like it. very creepy. i f i were famous and some one did a fanfiction about me i would be completely weird-ed out
  • i imagine they would react like these two did to this: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.reoiv.com/images/random/MerryPippin-Owned.jpg">http://www.reoiv.com/images/random/Merr ... -Owned.jpg</a><!-- m -->
  • that pic is hilarious HAHA man this is making me want to write AC dot org Community Board flan friction! i'll make sure to include everyone!
  • Flan friction would be tasty but sticky, yes?
  • Fan fic is quite disturbing; Most of it is. Some people really need a better outlet in their lives. <!-- so_O --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/eh.gif" alt="o_O" title="eh" /><!-- so_O --> If I were a celebrity, It would freak me out that someone thought of me like that.
  • I refuse to read any of it. Unless, of course, there's one written that incorporates Geologist into Star Wars.
  • [quote="wolftigerrosebud"]I refuse to read any of it. Unless, of course, there's one written that incorporates Geologist into Star Wars.[/quote] That would be amazing!!
  • haha this thread has made me chuckle, i think having an obssesion with your idol is a bad thing, i dont think there is anything wrong with idolising someone as long as you dont go as far as writing your sexual fantasies about the band or idol in mention, thats how john lennon died a fanatical man killed him with obsession RIP, as far as fan fiction goes: i would be flattered that someone thought that of me i will never meet them, never know them so therefore i would find it cute-in a creepy kind of way ! G.O. your little slippet of fan fiction was quite funny i laughed quite loudly in my office haha
  • Idolization is a slippery slope.
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    [quote]little slippet of fan fiction slippery slope[/quote] SLIPPI SLOPE! it was at that point i realized i didn't want to be with avey... i wanted to BE avey...
  • hahaha well avey is an inspiration !
  • I think it's natural to want to praise somebody for some kind of work they have done of which you admire, as I believe it was a feeling instilled within us at creation. But to idolize another person is really a meaningless obsession. As far as that board goes where fans fantasize about their idols and such, yeah that is totally creepy. It's funny to joke about, but when you look at the idea and feelings behind what these people are doing, I really believe AC would especially feel awkward about it. Come on, a ton of people they have never met or know in any way fantasizing about completely obsurd situations with them? They have said themselves in interviews (if anyone remembers when we used to be able to ask them questions on the board): "It's cool until they start asking really personal questions about your family life, etc...then it becomes weird." Pretty sure if they feel that way about something that simple, they would feel the same about that fantasy crap. I admire the AC guys, but it's much healthier to build a relationship to the music and not try to put musicians on some kind of throne, they're just as human as we are.
  • I think it goes against Animal Collectives messages to prase and admire them. Prase and admire yourself.
  • That is very well said, Coconuts. I certainly think it is unhealthy to put musicians on pedestals. Or at least for some people. I don't know, I guess I find that kind of obsession unhealthy for me anyways. As do I find praising and admiring myself but that could become a whole nother topic.
  • hmmmm i have always had an obsession with one of the singers of mgmt, not in a sexual way i just find him inspirational and magical mmmmmmmmmm dreamy !
  • Andrew Vanwyngarden? I find him pretty inspiring and magical and i'd be lying if I wasn't enfatuated with him before.
  • [quote="we tigers"]Andrew Vanwyngarden? I find him pretty inspiring and magical and i'd be lying if I wasn't enfatuated with him before.[/quote] even though i am completely straight and there is nothing wrong with homosexual people he is preety sexy !
  • Same here, one of my best friends is gay and im completely straight.
  • If I were famous I would probably be like the guys from Boards of Canada and start hating the internet and only make fan base appearances every three years or more lol.
  • if i were in a famous band i'd "troll" my fan-base or make like a ton of jokey musical releases... real big EXCLUSIVES and the like... the lead singer of fleet foxes posts on my little radiohead board and i always wish he'd post in the forum for self-made music and just casually drop some joke EP / song it'd be great! / very amusing!
  • awww so go you are also on the radiohead forum, how nice !
  • I read it, and all I have to say is "Keep your sexual fantasies to yourself." It's gross. Shame on them.
  • When I was 12-13, I wrote this GIGANTIC fantasy fufillment story. 100-something pages. It was about me and my friends and some boys I liked (when I stopped liking them I killed them off and put in some new one) and Damon Albarn, etc. It wasn't particularly sexual, but it was weird. I also read a lot of creepy CREEPY stuff. I get it though. I live in my head and fantasize a lot, though not as much as I used to. I idealize the hell out of people. And I fall in love with the ideals. I don't know at what point it gets unhealthy. It's never felt like a bad thing. I wouldn't know how to explain it to people who aren't like that. Don't think I'm a creep <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( --> edit: with further thought i feel as if this stems from wanting to be loved obsessively somehow. i feel strange and want to talk to someone about it. i wonder where it comes from.
  • Well, you can always talk to me about it.
  • Shinsy. I don't think you're a creep at all. there is a big difference between what you did and what those other people did.
  • I think I shall, Wini. Thanks Penny. I was looking through some old writings and I found that I do indeed have some AC-related fanfic-ish thing where Avey shows up at my house and is very sad about something. I do not know what I was thinking.
  • As a 14 year old I used to fantasize about meeting my favorite bands and what the conversations and situations would be like! I was pretty obsessed with The Police. I never wrote them down and posted them online for anyone else to see. Not only because the Internet did not EXIST but because it was private!
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    Just as a public service announcement... I wanted to mention that if you have green flecks in your mucus, you should consider seeking medical attention. Also, a girl apparently wrote a very lengthy fan-fiction sort of deal that was Harry Potter-themed and in which she and I were the main characters at Hogwarts, the school for Witchcraft and Wizardry. I never got to read any of it, but I heard of its existence more than once.
  • Collect them Mules! ha!
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