happy new year

resolutions anyone? mine are simple Master the harmonica.


  • finish an ep do more animation stuff finish a game make more money go to more concerts not fuck up as much as 2k10
  • Ooh, I don't make resolutions anymore. I did manage to kick off the first few hours of the new year in a surprising and delightful way, so I am hoping that portends well for 2011!
  • i don't really make them but one i did make was to not get too drunk on new years eve and i'm happy to say it worked! last 5 new years in a row i got way too drunk / sick and FREAKED out... so it is nice that i finally... broke the cycle! (of violence!) /// also the place i was at the party kind of died down and i got control of the music and played some AC! winter's glove and we tigers! it felt so good!
  • WE TIGERS WE TIGERS! wish i was there.
  • you were! in spirit! [but then you vanished!] ^sorry i can't help my self! i was dancin' about to we tigers all alone because I JUST HAD TO and at the time i was wearing these weird ski goggles and a pink santa hat [that were randomly on top of a tv?]
  • Am I the only one who isn't excited for the New Year? I hate the passing years. Well, Anyways, Hope everyone has a happy one in their own right.
  • Im not excited for new years unless it involves a big party. The only other reason i enjoy the new years is because my birthday is in february, just 2 months afterwards
  • so this is the nuclear year! drink a LOT of beer!
  • it's the new dawn it's a new day!
  • take me to yr bleeder! BLEED HER
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