What Are You Listening To Right Now?



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    Listening to The Residents a lot lately: Duck Stab, Eskimo and Not Available in particular. Plus that Haxan Cloak album from a few months ago, I'd definitely recommend it, some great atmospheric stuff. Oh yeah and that Excepter album was cool!
  • Dude that Haxan Cloak album is so freaking sick!!! Thanks for recommending it! I listened to it alone at nigh in a dark tent trailer! Holy Atmosphere!
  • Wow that would've been quite an experience, definitely a night-only album. I checked it out because i thought it was a cool name/album cover combo and it paid off!
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    mikal cronin- the way things go
  • Age of Consent by New Order is really good too... I'm listening to Cherub Rock by Smashing Pumpkins now. Been into the Pumpkins a lot recently
  • 've always had a weird thing with smash pump! ... i've heard all their main albums but wasn't exactly some biggie fan... gish was alright... siamese pretty groovy! ... melon collie bloated but had some of their / his best BEAST tracks! ... adore a groovy change-up! ... then it all kinda went to shit eh? machina (1 not 2!) and then ZWAN and dolly zwan song and billy solo (the future: EMBRACED!) and sheet guest zeeta! and then that malarky about kaleidoskopes? what the HELL billy! ... and the "album within the album" oceania was not brad! not great but not brad! at ALL!
  • :} aussie band they are great but really unknown :< they need moaaarrr fans!
  • great song great band
  • [url= New gruff rhys solo single, American Interior. . Pretty decent, But I'd prefer a new super furry animals album .
  • wouldn't we all! little furry ball
  • tame impala and dirty P for evurrrrrrrr #sweg<3<3 :bz
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