Animal Collective + Alcohol

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How does it make you feel? Me...right now...amazing. It's like a combination of an all body high and surrealness. sorry for the dumb topic...I'm slightly drunk at the moment.


  • well i think i said it in the new years thread but at some little party i played winters love & we tigers it just made winters love feel that much more magical / heart-breaking(WARMING!) and Tigers that much more fun / dance-able!!! also just one of the times i saw AC live i decided to get a bit buzzed / drunk-ish... it was pretty fun but i don't like how it feels like it is done too quick and your memories of it later are a bit hazier than you'd have liked...
  • i was actually thinking about putting on some AC at this party. but i ended up playing Pavement.
  • If I put AC on at a party they would kick me out, however I did mix Down There with alcohol and shrooms. Laughing Hieroglyphic and I joined into one
  • There is actually a thread already on this subject! Not specifically ac and booze, though. Just a place to ramble when altered. Not that you are rambling. But I am. Rambling. Not inebriated. Ha.
  • Where is this thread?
  • it's in yr head! with all yr friends! WHERE EVERY BODY KNOWS YR NAME let alone Yr Game!
  • It's in Hidden Stash under some title like The I Am Drunk Thread
  • I AM A CIDER DRINKER! wood chuck! magner's!! strongbow? ... eh!
  • Have you ever had a Shandy? It's cider and beer mixed together, like a mixed drink. Tasty, not too alcoholic. A word to young drinkers: please do not drink so much that you barf. It is not fun for you nor the others around you. I realize that finding the right balance is often trial and error but one time of sprawled puking should be enough. A public service message from your pedantic, avuncular moderator.
  • that sounds delicious. I love hard cider.
  • i've puked a crapload over the years! ... it kind of sucks in the sense that usually it is me FREAKING out and forcing myself to puke [and is damn embarassing... and you don't want to do it so much that people think bad of you like you are always getting like that...] but on the plus side it can feel like an emotional AND physical "release" ... all that badness building up inside and you just want to PUKE IT ALL OUT! oh god maybe that just sounds deranged!
  • no it doesn't! though maybe i've been brainwarshed 2 the prevenge!
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