Favorite AC Video and Why?

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Thought this could make for an interesting post. Whats one of your top favorite AC videos (it can be a music video, live video, a part from ODDSAC, etc.) and why? If this has already been a post, please forgive me. My favorite is this live one of Avey and Panda doing Covered In Frogs/Winters Love: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m --> The reason it's my favorite is because it really inspires me as an artist to freely express myself in a way that stretches the boundaries and traditions of creating. Whether its even music or other forms of art. Nobody, at least that I have seen or heard of, have performed like these two did in this video and with such audacity and freedom. AC never serves the opinions of an audience, and thats what is so respectable.


  • oddsac in general probably. goddamn that video is amazing. thank you for that
  • You got it bro. And yes, oddsac...such perfection.
  • to me nothing will ever beat WHO COULD WIN A RABBIT? oh man... not just my fave. videos by the AC but one of the best of ALL TIME! ... just so upbeat and creative and FUN! the part where geo raises his eyebrows [makes a good GIF! i have it somewhere] and where Trainer Deeks [?] hypes his racer up! haha! and that shocker / twist ending! /// for the most part i'm damn disappointed with their vids... for being such a creative band it is weird to me how middle of the road or not that great most of their vids are peace bone one is SUPER under-grated though [a love story!] and ODDSAK got it pretty damn right! ... summertime clothes was alright visually but beyond that i mean what really was there? [when the sun goes down part was really fun though] i think the best part of oddsak was tantrum barbule... it fit the music so well ... and just went into OVER-DRIVE! ... almost more than the brain could handle! ... on first viewing i kept thinking "this is INSANE! how are they doing this!" dang... didn't mean to post so much... sorry!
  • Yeah i'm not a huge fan of their official videos, especially like Bluish and Summertime Clothes because they make me uncomfortable for some reason. I do enjoy the Who Could Win A Rabbit? video but even the Peacebone one makes me uncomfortable. Its very bizarre really; I certainly appreciate their creativity and that the videos are good in their own right but I can't watch them. ODDSAC is amazing. Plus, I love that show you posted, Coconuts. I'm a huge fan of their acoustic performances and you stated wonderfully why the video is your favorite and I can't certainly relate to all that. I've always loved this video: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... re=related</a><!-- m --> and I know that i've posted it somewhere else on this forum as well in a fairly similar thread but its been a long time. I, too, love their freedom of expression though its not as admirable when their sitting in the comfort of their own home as it is in your video where they have a crowd of people in front of them. AC is such an interesting band because sometimes i'm deterred by their lack of interest in their fans or sometimes dislike for them but I strongly admire their drive to make music for themselves and to do whatever they want without worry of what people will think.
  • I know what you mean tigers, its their live videos that I really get into because of the unusual energy. The one thing I do like about the official music vids is that the colors always seem to be really appealing. But ODDSAC was just....wow. Beautiful, hilarious, and totally creepy at the same time. Thats an odd acheivement. That video you posted is excellent. I love how personal it feels, and they all seem so young. You get that "its all still new, i hope this band does something spectacular" feel. And about how they feel to toward their fans, personally, Panda is the only one to me who has ever seemed distant from fans. It might have to do with the old forum, because Deakin, Avey, and Geo always came on and talked with people and gave great insights and such. But you can never really know. This may console you: One time a kid came on and asked the guys if they were ever nervous at the beginning that people would make fun of them, especially their first shows. He then told them he was nervous because he was starting his first gigs. Deakin came on, with a very long post, on how people used to throw stuff at them, shut their sound off, etc. He gave this kid so much advice, THEN, he came back on the next day and asked him how his show went! I loved the kindness so much I saved the post and still have it <!-- s8) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/cool.gif" alt="8)" title="cool" /><!-- s8) -->
  • They do have such a way with colors and I realized shortly after posting that I forgot about the Brothersport video which is my favorite offical video without a doubt. I listened to Brothersport again a couple days ago, the first time in months really (shocking!), and was once again reminded that it is one of my favorite songs of all time. I feel like whenever I start getting discouraged or am in some sort of rut that song always comes back to me and gives me a kick of motivation. That feel that you described about that video is spot on. Its got that new and exciting tension. I bet it is Panda who gives me that idea that the band generally isn't really into their fans (or whatever, i'm not in a very expressive mood right now). I have read more Panda interviews than I have read other ones mainly because I find I relate heavily to almost everything he has to say so it would make sense, I think, that I would apply his distance to the rest of the band. But that story certainly is consoling. It really says a lot that they hung around the forum and answered so many questions. Sometimes I go back to that place (I was never a part of it, being a relatively new fan) and read the answers that they gave to questions and they always did seem so patient and so willing to share...Deakin still answers questions on his facebook page too.
  • Deakin = one awesome dude
  • [quote="G.O. [!]"]to me nothing will ever beat WHO COULD WIN A RABBIT? oh man... not just my fave. videos by the AC but one of the best of ALL TIME! ... just so upbeat and creative and FUN! the part where geo raises his eyebrows [makes a good GIF! i have it somewhere] and where Trainer Deeks [?] hypes his racer up! haha! and that shocker / twist ending! [/quote] damn i almost forgot about that! that just might be it for me. every time i see it i smile and you're right its so fun
  • [color=#4040BF]So far its the video ''Bluish" for me all the way, that video is a trip and you keep falling into space with all the living bubbles and indian dances... My fave![/color]
  • water curses had the worst vid... the hell was THAT??
  • it was all pixels and shit, not that interesting. rabbit is deffinetly the best. i really enjoy the Fireworks vid as well, especially the part where Avey is shaking his head really fast and slows down... i think they picked some of the worst merriweather stuff for their vids. how could they leave out lion in a coma and daily routine!!!!!? ODDSAC is quite the visual experience, i don't know if i could go in depth with all the cool stuff so i just wont...
  • [quote="G.O. [!]"]water curses had the worst vid... the hell was THAT??[/quote] I was messing with my video camera one day, and i turned on a setting called "mosaic", and presto, the water curses video was on my screen. I still actually kind of like it though.
  • this video is awesome everyone should check it out, its a really cool version of another white singer [youtube]
  • yes! this video of Panda and Avey! Winter's Love is one of my favorite songs. But I really love the video of Panda at Governers Island, when I Think I Can turns into Chores. [i]beautiful.[/i] And the Fickle Cycle video, and the live video of We Tigers. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m --> mostly because these are all of my favorite songs (minus chores)
  • yeah i think i can is such cool song, i love how he made the two songs sound like one.
  • You know, simple things make better muffins.
  • [quote="Penny Dreadful"]yeah i think i can is such cool song, i love how he made the two songs sound like one.[/quote] yees, the transition from I Think I Can to Chores was executed so nicely.
  • I dont know..... both summertime clothes and my girls videos are good for me, same with peacebone and fireworks video........ I cant decide!
  • then you must commit deicide!
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