Where's the Sweet Road?

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Does anyone know of any good videos of Animal Collective playing Sweet Road or really anything off of their Sung Tongs album (acoustic preferably)? What's YOUR favorite song off of Sung Tongs and why? And also, I am very new to this cite but I am extremely into Animal Collective. How does one change their picture and quote? Does Avey/Panda/Geo/Deakin look at this cite?? Sorry about that. I think every sentence I just wrote was a question. Forgive me.


  • Hi there. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.bansheebeat.com/ac.html">http://www.bansheebeat.com/ac.html</a><!-- m --> There's a ton of live recordings here, with a lot from Sung Tongs. I don't know about any Sweet Road recordings though, sorry. My favorite Sung Tongs song is probably We Tigers because it just has a crazy raw energy to it that I love. Actually, any AnCo song with that kind of energy is great. Here's an awesome live version of We Tigers if you're interested <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m --> I don't think Avey, Panda, Geo, or Deakin look at this site, sorry haha. But sonic boom, the guy who's remixing Tomboy, comes on here sometimes. To change your picture and signature, just go to User Control Panel up above and change your settings in avatar and signature.
  • i love how wild some of the sung tongs songs can get live... we tigers and kids on golly day esp! list of STongs i saw live: LEAF HOUSE WHO COULD WIN A GRABBIT KIDS ON HOLIDAY WE TIGERS that's it! ... sadly not winter's glove [heart achingly beautiful version they did early 09!] ... they should bust out sweet road / college for a quick ONE TWO punch! imagine a spazzed out punky 3min long visiting friends live! haha! whaddit i done hyper-electro blursion!
  • Oh man! People replied! This site is amazing. I'm a bit sad that I'm just now joining it. Thank you for the links, too. Thank you to the people who created this place! I think my favorite song on the album would be... Visiting Friends. It has the power to suck you in the soundscape of thick water and moss for ten minutes. [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qmkuP4FBF4[/url] Awesome effects and sounds thrown in to add color. I just love that whole album.Thanks for the replies, folks.
  • What I love is your name and your avatar, but the album ain't bad, either.
  • visiting friends is a pretty awesome song, actually the first one i heard off of the album, i like your description, it is a very thick song. i don't think i could single out one song, but i'd go with winter's love and visiting friends. sweet road has got some great energy, i love how they mixed avey and panda's voices in the background in sweet road and some of the others sung tongs is an awesome album, i really wish i could've seen them play live during that era the most.
  • so weird to think of how weird the danse/indian eras were live turning into just 2 boys and their acoustic guitars yelping away with good vibes / clean energy to the feels band then the transition from strawjam to mpp era what a damn ride! i still hold out hope for ALIVIN ROW live as a closing song that would be so epic!
  • oh man all four of them playing Alvin Row! that would be extremely awesome
  • Really, an Alvin Row would be awesome to see live. That would be great, so would Spirit, Chocolate Girl, Covered In Frogs, We Bid You Goodnight, and a long list of other rare AC tunes... At this point, though, I'd settle for a live performance with material no older than Feels.
  • Those are some lovely live suggestions, Dave. I think i'd be satisfied just seeing anything at this point! To the main topic on this thread... [youtube] I know for a fact i've posted that video on this forum at least twice but it is one of my favorite ac performances and a great one [of Winter's Love]. If you haven't seen the perfomances from the Malta Fest those are incredible as i'm sure many people would back up. Like the WE TIGERS one... Probably my favorites off of Sung Tongs are We tigers (obvious really) and Winter's Love. I fell in love with them deeply when I first got into the band and Winter's Love is dear to me for no particular reason. Of course Leaf House is really awesome too...hmmm....Its not an easy choice. P.S. WELCOME! Your avatar is my favorite AC picture ever and it makes me happy to look at it.
  • Thank you! I absolutely love this website. I love Animal Collective. They're so inspirational, as I'm sure most people would agree that look at this. I don't think I could choose a favorite off of the Sung Tongs album. Like all of their albums, they're best listened to in their entirety. As I said earlier, Visiting Friends is just so thick and it sucks me in every listen. Thank the babba goose for nice headphones. If i MUST choose a favorite off the album, i think it'd be that one or Winter's Love. to "We Tigers" - that video you posted is amazing. I've seen it too many times to count and it never gets old. Also, thank you. the picture makes me happy as well.
  • taste the rode!
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