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[size=200][color=#FF4040]THE STRAWBERRY JAM SONG[/color][/size] 1. Shallfish- Peacebone 2. The Dude - Unsolved Mysteries 3. Derek Collect Bone - Chores 4. Yukbon - For Rev. Green 5. Shinsy - Fireworks 6. Sound Science - #1 7. G.O. - Winter Wonderland 8. The Sound of Geo Science - Cuckoo Cuckoo 9. Dan the Man - Derek the Dog! LINK: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="">http://theloopholecollective.bandcamp.c ... y-jam-song</a><!-- m --> i just went with very obvious / lame names for the Tribute Album name / band name / jokey artwork pic... that can all change i just wanted to get it up there! it'd be nice if everyone could comment on every little bit of song even if just a few words! ... be nice though! hopefully people are okay how i just slammed some of them together / took a few minor liberties [you'll see!] but i think as a whole it is really fun and full of variety just like the actual strawberry jam song! ... +7min is a bit longer than i would have liked but come on it is a whole album and i didn't have the heart to cut down peoples stuff! ... just go with it! please! /// MY TAKE: PEACE BONE (shallfish feat some guy) things start with that weird little noise... an animal battle cry! ... then we get a nice little mellow sitting in the burnt sun jamb... more of a minimal take but i dig it in many ways! ... oh god i hope he isn't mad at me adding in a few fakevox... they sound REALLY bad and out of place [i am SO sorry! ugh] but otherwise it just repeated the same thing and i wanted the other vocal melody part done too... if people hate that choice i am SO sorry! plus now it is a duet of sorts! LOVE how it goes into the next song... JACK THE RIPPER (thedude) love how the sound just RIPS into it! then so bouncy sounding... man you are a master of getting the sounds to sound groovy as hell? ... all the sounds just bubbling floating around yr head... damn you captured it so great! ... oh god! ... haha! ... and you'll notice a few... extension THINGS... ha!! .. please don't be mad at the little additions i just really wanted to have the certain parts i liked of the song too gah i feel bad now... but damn i love the way it warps around after yr actual mini cover is done and gets continued and you get a blast of what is to come... i'm damn proud of how that worked out! ... yr avey-ish voice really worked for me! CHORES (derekcollectbone) i love how this one really shifts around... ever-morphing / mutating... the sub-atomik sounds of the song really come out! ... really wooshy and powerful sounding... the sounds just blinkering around [sorry i really suck at describing what i'm hearing / feeling!] ... and the move into the mello more outro section with the little sound blasts it sounds almost kinda sad to me but in a good way! ... and i love the contrast between this one and rev gree... FOREVER + GREEN (Yukbon) after more production-fest type THINGS we get a nice chilled out mellow on the back porch at night looking at the frog pond version of 4 ever and green! ... once again it is VARIETY that makes these so groovy... so i'm happy that not everyone feels they have to go the more out there / tronik approach... which makes this sound even more sweet! ... and the lo-fi hiss adds warmth... the little THRUMPS out of nowhere is a groovy / odd touch too! FIRE WORKS (shinsy!) well come on this one is just LOVELY! ... teehee! ... we NEEDED a female factor on here and boy what a sweet sounding thing you did here... those cute little vocal sounds and then you have a really nice fun voice... oh man... i mean already such a sweet song but damn the little tambourine shakies and the piani or whatever is so dang twinkly! ... surely the centerpeach / heart of the "song" !!! #1 [sound science!] ah yes! haha! THIS one! ... he REALLY did it justice? ... i was so worried that this one couldn't be pulled off but the pitch-shifter worked really neat i think... and man the kinda druggy dubby slow feel to it... the little clicks and air blasts or whatever and little warbly side-sounds... it works for me! ... i'm damn glad i brought you here [!!!] ... oh god and now we begin the shift into TOO MUCH ME... gah! WINTER WONDER LAND (Gee Oh!) i decided to to make it a bit of a saddy / mellow but also still a bit fun and goofy! ... you have to see [or HEAR rather!] the humor in it! ... oh COME ON! just go with it! ...[hohoho!] ... i do believe yr dyin! [haha!] ... i love the unexpected LOUD thing and then it just glitchies the hell out and goes into CUCKOO CUCKOO (G.O. + The Sound of Science) oh god... i am SO sorry! [haha!] ... this one... just was a MESS... i kept adding more and more and more AND MORE... you got sound science lightly singing and at least 3 of me and then on top of that ROBOTS! to help me out! ... well it is a bit random and jarring in the singing portion so i hope sound science isn't too mad at me but i hope him and others can dig the SECOND HALF ... there is a def. really strange kinda groovy vibe to it? dammit! there IS! ... i hope people aren't too disappointed... it is pretty far from what we know as Cuckoo Cuckoo but they can't all be just straight up and i really tried making it DAMN different from my winter wonder land cover... esp. with them being back to back... so yeah... a bit too much of ME near the end here but luckily we are about to end with a REAL BANGER... oh man! DEREK (dantheman7480) gah the way it goes into this one! ... mama always said that you got to end things RIGHT to really leave a goody impression and boy does this one do the trick... i love how damn bubbly and FUN jovial it sounds... all these lovely damn sounds and he is just spot on with the jovial vocals... god you NAILED it man and oh boy... part 2... BOOM! frickin FUN! ... as all holy hell.... !!! LAZER BLAST STRIKE!!!!! ... dance dance dance! ... haha! ... i love it! so much! ... bless yr soul for this! it makes me smile so much! \\\ well wow! hopefully you can all now see! that was wonderful to me! so many great mini covers! ... lots of nice variety in style and production! and the overall feel of them all together i think it really is a great tribute to the beast that is strawberry jam... which is just this sugary poppy warped bubbly variety filled THING of an album ... this one set quite a high standard in my mind! so yeah ... here we are!!! YAY! thank you all so very much for being a part of this [whether you made the tunes and whether you go on to participate in futures ones a lot or a little or just listen and enjoy and comment or whatever!] i truly feel with things like these we are a COLLECTIVE! eyah!


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  • EFFING AWESOME. Shinsy's Fireworks and thedude's unsolved mysterious makes me wish i had the full covers from them! not to mention DEREK. these three blew me away. oh man, oh god, oh man, oh GOD.
  • well i def. hope many can continue on in future album tribute mini songs! ... based on these! ... the derek one was far longer than these were meant to be but there was no way i was going to cut THAT beast! ended things so powerfully! with a BANG! i hope not too many are mad at them just being micro-covers... i'm sure if the people want they could expand them but i just love the idea of every song being covered! ... each song from each album for all albums! [if only! EPIC!] ... if they were full that would be like a 3 year long project! or something!
  • PEACEBONE I really loved how this was dealt with; the whispering of Peacebone and all. UNSOLVED MYSTERIES I really love the effects on this one! For sure. CHORES I like that we have on here that's a mix up of the original! I would certainly be interested in hearing the whole thing. YUKBON! Oh man! I loved these! It made me think of Breezeblock Sessions. SHINSY! FIREWORKS! LOVE LOVE LOVE...really, what an awesome take on the song, so upbeat and summery and I want the entire version. Is there an entire version? I'd listen to it a lot. #1 Another awesome one!!! WINTER WONDERLAND I love you, GO. It was what I would expect from you, dreamy and trippy and unique. CUCKOO CUCKOO Again, really enjoyed it! DEREK incredible of course! dantheman is the man! I wish I had more constructive long things to say but i'm really impressed by y'all. this is awesome.
  • This was actually quite awesome to listen to. I'd say my favorites would be #1, Fireworks, and Derek. But it was all good! I enjoyed hearing each person's interpretation. Let's do this again! I want in!
  • <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="">viewtopic.php?p=13616#p13616</a><!-- l --> well it's all going on in there! ... the 2nd post in the thread by me has "THE GUIDE" where people who are signed up for what song is listed... we're doing MPP right now! then probably FEELS
  • [quote]It was what I would expect from you, dreamy and trippy and unique.[/quote] hehe! thanks! ... i guess? it's the best i could hope for! ... having not such a good singing voice / sense of music / programs / production / talent / etc! ... i try to make up for it in FUN and WHIMSY! (if only!) the lion in a coma one i think is pretty good fun too! ... i def. look forward to more abstrakt ones like DANSE TRACKS to see how weird i / people can push it!
  • yeah! let's do Danse Manatee! how do i get involved with this?
  • GO to the Cover thread. we're doing merriweather at the moment. sign up.
  • "Cover Thread"... the one that says "Covering the AC"?
  • nope! just kidding... yep! oh man we're on our way NOW hopefully more glisten to this and comment! esp. the way tigers talked of each song... it always bother me when people just say their 3 or 4 faves and people get left out and i always wish everyone involved would say just a few words of each... it is nice to get a tiny bit of feedbackular! like some sorta neon ducktackular
  • Oh damn. That was me. I'm sorry. I just said my three favorites. I apologize. But I'd really like to put in my two cents for this. I think it'd be much a fujnk fun.
  • i did a really close cover, very similar delay etc, for rev. green and then couldn't find it, so i rerecorded it during a rainstorm. on an acoustic, totally different. sorry about the hiss. i really disliked it, but it seemed more in the spirit of the thing than a really true cover.
  • Shinsy, Fireworks was so so wonderful. It completely took me back to the first time I ever heard AC's Fireworks and being truly new to AC. Way to go. Everyone else did a fantastic job as well. It sounded great guys.
  • yea i really enjoy the other covers, everyone just did their own thing and it all came together nicely. i can't wait until we cover sung tongs and here comes the indian, those ones will be a lot of fun.
  • wow! this was awesome totally made my day ! [quote]i can't wait until we cover sung tongs and here comes the indian, those will be a lot of fun.[/quote] yeah they are gonna be fun oh and Danse too. i'm considering doing a cover later on when i get some more equipment.
  • I will post constructive comments later, but for now all i can say is YEEEEEEEEEEEEE I love this so much!!! and thanks everyone (and my friend Kyle who made it sound better than i could if i was recording in by myself by putting effects thingies and adding the bells)! (I will do a full one if you want tigers)
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  • What is that other thing on the bandcamp, GO? xD
  • oh god you probably should gignore that! THAT IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!!!
  • [img][/img] haha!
  • But...I like it!
  • Is "My Girls" too trendy for me to cover?
  • oh shoot, i didn't know this was up! thoughts... peacebone - really cool one, i like the mumbled / wordless vocals. nice creative take on the song unsolved mysteries - awesome recreation of the original beat, those choir "ahh"s were a nice touch chores - sounds like a remix? i like how it goes from bit to bit, covering the majority of the song in 30 seconds for reverend green - almost sounds like a campfire songs take on the song with that natural atmosphere to the recording, i like it! fireworks - okay, this one sounds [i]too[/i] professional haha. really pretty...kind of embarrassed my song had to follow it up <!-- s:oops: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/redface.gif" alt=":oops:" title="redface" /><!-- s:oops: --> #1 - my comment, i guess <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P --> winder wonderland - almost exactly how I expected G.O.'s song to sound, haha. it's a fun one! cuckoo cuckoo - the robot voice..."coco coco" hahaha! more experimental than the others...nice variety derek - damn, it's pretty faithful to the original but really nails it! kinda rocks out at the end everyone did a really good job, kinda makes me feel like i need to step my game up for the next one, though <!-- s>__> --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/stare.gif" alt=">__>" title="stare" /><!-- s>__> -->
  • everyone else has said what i want to say How lovely of you guys! Can't wait to hear what you guys say about my Daily Routine and mine and spiritbear's bluish!
  • derek ROCKING OUT at the end is so key! god i'm still blown away by how FUN it is in the 2nd part! [quote]chores - sounds like a remix? i like how it goes from bit to bit, covering the majority of the song in 30 seconds [/quote] ok i feel really weird... i just assumed he got it to sound almost exactly like the original but messered with / chopped up i didn't realize it was just a strange 30sec remix of the actual THING! not until i heard the summertime clothes one he did! ... i mean i think here it was fine but i don't know about every album having a kind of out of place remix with no vox ... it IS supposed to be covers! ... i don't know... /// yeah cuckoo cuckoo i went a bit CUCKOO / off the deep-end and it ended up as an experimental MESS <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( --> i still stand by the 2nd half... the weird demented haunting sad piani thing you provided! ... i used all the stuff you gave me just not very well / in the way one would expect! i am SO sorry!
  • haha, nah it's cool. it's definitely more abstract than the other songs but it's nice for variety, like you were saying. i also forgot to mention that i liked your little transitions you did between songs, how you sort of "rewound" the end of my song and then i think the end of yours kind of glitched out, stuff like that.
  • I'm so excited for the MPP to start/finish. And Tabelz and myself's version of Bluish. "Myself's"... I'm sorry.
  • [quote="sound science"]haha, nah it's cool. it's definitely more abstract than the other songs but it's nice for variety, like you were saying. i also forgot to mention that i liked your little transitions you did between songs, how you sort of "rewound" the end of my song and then i think the end of yours kind of glitched out, stuff like that.[/quote] rewound! haha! yes! my fave was def. after unsolved mysteries looping the end of it / The Blasts ... and you also get a quick blast of chores a foreshadowing of what is about to come if you will! my biggest problem was def. that cuckoo cuckoo came RIGHT after winter wonderland... too much me in a row! ... made me feel self-concious even if the 2 couldn't BE any more damn different! and yeah i'm pumped for MPP too! it is coming together quite nicely already! hopefully!
  • it's not berry long!
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  • LET ALL BE REVEALED!!! ahhh!
  • cOol STuFf
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