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Can someone tell me what Geologist ACTUALLY does in the band? I know he's the "sound guy" or he's the one who manipulates the sound and makes a lot of the effects.. but does that mean that he's over Avey and Panda's vocal effects? Does HE control what they sound like? I'd like a detailed answer if anyone has a detailed answer. I've been curious as to what he does and how he does it for quite quite some time. Thank you folks!


  • And also, while on the topic of Brian... Does anyone know of ANY recordings of Geologist playing solo? Whether it was ten or fifteen years ago, or recently. I'm just a curious duck.
  • samples and beats mostly i would guess; sound manipulation is certainly possible but i haven't seen him behind a mixer or any effects modules (although i seem to remember an mpc, which you can certainly use as a midi controller to mess with sound). check out the malta video of "cuckoo cuckoo" to see him playing. he triggers the samples that make up so much of the song (e.g. anything that's not the guitars blasting or panda hitting the skins)
  • he's THE GLUE that holds it all together! ALL SOUNDS GO THROUGH GEO avey and pander's voice wouldn't even be the same if he didn't tweak them to sound good! they can't even sing! (all sounds go through geo!)
  • G.O. ... What are you talking about? they can't even sing? Thank you Yukbon... I have seen that video, but I shall check it out again .
  • It's an old joke. I can't wait to see what Geo's Keep song will sound like. Apparently he influenced a lot of Danse Manatee so I have I feeling it will be like that.
  • Yeah. That'd be what I would guess. I'm excited for all those tracks.
  • he just does the samples and the bleepy bloops and such. makes the sounds besides the vox, drums, or guitars on everything before strawberry jam besides those he wasnt in on
  • ...That's not true though. He was a major influence to Danse Manatee.
  • danse was a super normal pop album and then they handed it over to geo and he destroyed it! in the best of ways! or so the legend grows...
  • [quote="SpritBear1"]...That's not true though. He was a major influence to Danse Manatee.[/quote] influence?
  • but even with that danse is easily my least favorite ac album and for the most part, avey and panda are the song-y guys and geo is the bleepy bloop guy and deakin is the interesting guitar tone dude. we aren't on the same page here, i'm talking about their pop stuff and um their extremely experimental ones were probably much more collaborative in nature
  • I´ve heard that track nr 3 from Prospect Hummer, Baleen Sample, is all Brian Weitz. I don´t know know if there´s any truth to it, though. That is actually one of my favourite tracks of AnCo. It´s totally different from the other songs, but it kind of fits... I think I read in an interview that BW takes recording-equipment with him everywhere and collects sounds. He then runs them through effects. Everyone is involved in working the sounds into the songs.
  • Oh definitely. I think they all collaborate very well. No one has a SET job that is solely theirs. I believe they discuss everything and the sound they create is coming from all of them. Not as 3 or 4 individuals playing together on a stage.
  • Yeah, and that is to me some of the magic of AC, the space between the members, the things that appear only when they are working together. I mean, I love the solo-stuff aswell, but it will always be a different thing. Some of the songs on Down There, for example, are very AnCo-ish, but the way it is produced is really different.
  • Yeah. I'm loving the solo stuff too. However, I would absolutely LOVE a full band LP in the very near future. I've been waiting patiently for quite some time. Down There is very different in texture from any other Animal Collective albums, I'd say. Some of the songs themselves sound a lot like AnCo... But like you said, it's just produced in a much different way.
  • Is "Down There" from Avey Tare? *happy I still have so much stuff i havent listened to yet... I was also wondering what Brian does in the band...most of the media focuses on Avey and Panda Bear.
  • Rabbitwin, I love that you are now discovering Animal Collective! To answer your question; yes. Down There is a solo album from Avey Tare. What albums have you heard up to this point? And I would say that Brian is the main sound guy. He collects a lot of sounds and puts them through effects to add in their songs. And he also does some sampling and vocal effects for Avey and Panda when they play live. If you have ANY questions about AnCo... Here is definitely the place you want to ask and discuss. We're happy people here! Hehoms.
  • [quote]However, I would absolutely LOVE a full band LP in the very near future. I've been waiting patiently for quite some time.[/quote] it hasn't even been a year! [knows you mean MPP but counts ODDSAK only no one really does and i can see why but still!] this slow-down is a good thing i stand by that! 09: MPP / Crack Box / Fall Be Kind 10: Oddsak / Down There / Panda Singles / Deeks Live 11: Tomboy / Deeks Album[s]? / KEEP Cashet / more? so dang busy! 2012: THE FINAL AC ALBUM you heard it here first! don't be sad! be GLAD! ANIMAL COLLECTIVE X ACX 2012
  • What makes you say 2012 will be their last album? and yes, they have been VERY busy. But I'm still allowed to crave a new full length LP.
  • i think the AC moniker has been pushed to a logical conclusion! ... the journey from the begin before they even WERE animal collective with spirit and following it up with strange choices like danse/holland/campfire then finally Indian getting the full name and some buzz and then each release after growing expo-potential glee where it was just crazy with person pitch and strawjam and then got even CRAZIER with mpp! ... they hit their height of fame and the come down / aftershocks have been all kind of groovy / strange choices again [crack box / oddsak / avey solo / DEEKS SOLO?!] i don't know... it would be too weird if they didn't do one more but i don't know if they want to overstay their welcome but once bands pass their peak it is always a question of how long do they keep going? ... 2 albums? 5? TEN?! ... i mean any new album that is even somewhat good is a gift and i'm fine if they never made another official one OR if they made just pretty good ones but it is hard not to think it is better to leave the people wanting more... going out on a high note! showmanshippi! it does look crazy though JUST AC PROPER: 00: spirit 01: danse 02: holland 03: campfire/indian 04: sungtongs 05: feels 07: strawjamb 09: mpp 10: oddsak 11: ??? not counting EPs or various other type releases... it gets a bit confusing with holland being a live-ish album and oddsak being a visual dish album though... in terms of "is the next one LP10 or 11 or 9? or 6/7? ... [people in the past would say pre-indian wasn't AC official but they retro-graded their history dammit! ... the spirit/danse 2-fur of 03 was under AC... holland re-release was too! ... the only thing that doesn't quite add up is saying that AC is any combo of 2 or more of the 4... when it is obviously the avey/panda show! ... because DEEKS&GEO would never just do an album of just them! ... but then again deeks did some "AC REMIXES" of other bands or artists and it was considered The Band Remix... just confusing / muddled] sorry this post was... total mess / head-duck! sometimes i just can't shut up!
  • Yes yes. But i think the Collective will always be making music. They make it for themselves mainly, or I like to think so anyway. I don't think they'd stop just because "they want to go out on a high note". AnCo most definitely is the avey/panda show though. But when Deeks and Geo are with them, it is the best. That is when they are the strongest. I think they'll continue putting out music for a long long time after 2012.,.. at least, i sure hope so.
  • they should add a 5th and possibly 6th member to THE COLLECTIVE then maybe after a certain amount of time kick old members out so it becomes this rotating band / mutating BEAST! by 2021 deeks will be the only one left and then he too will leave and it'll be just a totally different band maybe not for AC but i think this idear for a band or "collective" could be really fun or amusing... esp. once there are no original members left...
  • Oh goodness. I've thought of this idearr before, I find it amazing. But I would hate if Animal Collective did that. I love them all too much for them to do that. I think that idea is really nice though. LET'S do that! I'll move to where you are. No worries, Scout.
  • part of the amusing fun would be[WAIT... i'm going to make a new thread!] haha! you'll see! you'll ALL see! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
  • i find bands that do that sort of hilarious and great (pigface, golden palominos, tangerine dream etc)
  • the other side of that is bands that go on after losing a KEY MEMBER when they probably should have stopped... esp. the lead singer... replacing the lead singer is just weird in nearly any case... they're the VOICE of the BAND!
  • sometimes it works -- manic street preachers, wire (nee, Wir) etc
  • Here's a link to all the Keep songs, including Brian's <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
  • OH! Thank you to MoonDog!
  • brain waits!
  • THE BERAIN WAITS by the lake
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