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  • Perhaps, but at this rate there will be many more for you to partake in in the future.
  • Just saw them at pitchfork fest, and i really dig the new songs. Also the way they played Taste was different but 10 times better. Does anyone know if their pitchfork performance was recorded or only live streamed?
  • I'd check on Collected Animals under the 2011 tour recordings thread. I know there's one recording of the new Taste up already, but unfortunately it sounds really thin even though the crowd noise isn't too bad. Could use a good mixing, I'd say. Edit: My mistake, there's Mr. Smalls AND MPP. Neither are really better than a B- recording quality (at best), but you can definitely hear them. Gonna have to stand by to see if your show had a bootleg made of it.
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  • I'm watching that right now! What a coin SIDAHz!? It's fairly good audio quality.
  • The Mr. Smalls recording was pretty meh from what I could hear. I didn't listen to much, just taste, and I could hear the audience singing along more than Avey haha.
  • Mr. Smalls wasn't so great, I agree (though I appreciate the recording nonetheless.) ATP and GAMH are the best I've heard. Edit: and primavera
  • yeah. I have those too on the Pod of my eye and they're great. I was curious if I should get Mr. Smalls too. But I think I'm going to lay back on listening to these boots because I want to be hit hard again when the album comes out. Which is... NEXT WEEK?!
  • I wish it came out next week..
  • i'm more hoping late 2012!
  • BOB DYLAN! Yeah, I'm hoping a bit towards that time too. The anticipation though! It keels!
  • i know we had oddsak only about a year ago AND both avey/panda jams since... (and the keep cashet!) but it'd a been quite nice (unlike rice!) had we had DEEKS SOLO to look forward to in the fall or something... maybe that can be early 2012 and AC by next summer / fall? (won't you be kind and rewind! and watch the tapes!) dammit!
  • I wonder what will be the album name... I'm thinking I'm Back! (The Deakin Show)
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  • Siamese Butter! Letters from Scotia.
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  • Chrome Glaciers
  • Danse Manatee II
  • If we're going in that direction... ..Danse Porpoise? Spirit, They're Back, Spirit, They've... Re-Appeared..? Strawberry Yam? Oh, how wonderfully lame! ;u;
  • I am just getting so incredibly excited for their next album. The new songs were so energetic and I can't wait to hear them all mastered and perfect! and I wish they would just do an official remix of Taste like the way they played it live, so perfect <!-- s;) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/wink.gif" alt=";)" title="wink" /><!-- s;) -->
  • yes! #2DM: The Revenge of Humanity! i could behind that!
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    Now that the band is recording the album do any of you have any hopes or wishes that will come out of the recording process? Be general or specific! I really want the order of the album to start with Change and end with When People Start Talking, they just seem a lot like how a Radiohead album starts and ends, or any good album for that matter. I also want the Avey screams to be like they were on Jam or even like April and the Phantom. my last wish is that all the songs will make it on the LP and hopefully they don't MPP it, and make it too poppy.
  • "I let some hash relax me; get lost in human pleasure" - On A Highway "Only my best friends use the coke, pot, crack, ready!" - Forest Gospel May be more, but these were the only two I could think of besides Chores. Less explicit but still pretty explicit: "With all of the wild things that we took so young" - Laughing Heiroglyphic
  • only my best friend jesus!
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    Drug references are all right by me, especially if they are more weed based than other drugs because weed is not physically addicting and have extreme affects on your body. When AC says it, its just like their way of chilling out or relaxing and a way to express that. As for forest Gospel, I hope Avey never became a crack addict! Doesn't When People Start Talking have a line at the end about toking (spelt right?), it just doesn't bother me although I don't use drugs, but I think a reference can become cheesy after a while.
  • When People Start Talking? And about all the new songs being on the final LP, I doubt it. They've said that they have recorded a lot of songs that might be going on the new album's EP (like Water Curses was for Strawberry Jam and Fall Be Kind was for MMP)
  • i love how every album has a companion EP now MPP fall be kind SJ water curses! (&SAFER!) FEELS people! (&FICKOSYKO/MUFFINS) SUNG TONGS project:gummer & baby day hated it when the listed stuff like GRASS EP or RABBIT as EP because if it is just a single with a b-side or 2 it is NOT ep! :ANGRY:
  • but yeah i didn't dig the vashti EP too much (too mellow like campfire! i don't dig that side!) and PEOPLE EP had problems... a lemming track + a live version of another track when there are only 2 proper tracks? what the? ... odd choice! ... if it had been PEOPLE / TIKWID / MY FAVE COLOURS lol / MUFFINS / FICKO SYKO but in some better order? i don't know... people EP was already random so why not have it be 4 proper songs & a lemming and people live could be somewhere else? i don't know... throw in SPONGE FLUKE / TUVIN THROAT! oh if only! but by water curses they had it LOCKED DOWN almost totally solid EP... my one complaint is that seal lion was kinda mellow and did NOT live up to the first 3 tracks but with FALL BE KIND they def. made it pretty much all kill her no filler! such fun to think about it all!
  • I just listen to their music, i never delve really deep because then you just get swept away with the musical tide! And i love fall be kind, i knew nothing about it until i went into a music shop and found it on offer in a deal, i went home and just cranked it up and loved it just like every other EP or album.
  • Fall Be Kind is long enough where it almost goes beyond EP level into MINI ALBUM / companion to ze album terror tory!
  • I hope the EP at least is released shortly after the LP, I don't want a track out there for 2 years after the LP was dropped. Do you think they could make two albums out of the supposed 15 or so songs they have. (double LP concept album!)
  • Maybe. They've kind of shown throughout the years that they do whatever they want. OH boy could you imagine a studio recording of Tuvin?
  • interesting questions, peace. bet they could. lol indeed doc no, i couldn't. So, the new version of Taste -- indicative of the new direction Animal Collective is going? The glitchiness, the electronicness, and the interesting addition of Deakin is gonna make for interesting years ahead. Who knows? Maybe they'll break away from that sound right after this next album.
  • this is their final album! ANIMAL COLLEXTIVE AC X!!!
  • Haha nooooooo. "Spirit, They're Back, Spirit, They've... Re-Appeared..? " -that was gold, Something. Funny stuffs I need to get up on new things they are making. I'm on it!
  • I am just going to sit here and wait for a release, I don't wanna anticipate it too much and dissapoint my patience ! That's why I don't want to know what it is and when it's coming
  • It will hit you like an Animal Collective Tornado.
  • That's what I'm hoping for, or maybe an AC tsunami !
  • or maybe an AC bubbly bath!
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