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I think enough of us have heard it or are on the verge of hearing it (mine came today) so we can start a fresh thread. Impressions, exclamations, exaggerations, elephant talk?


  • after 2 listens i must say that i really like Tomboy, the only song i dont really like is Sheherazade but all in all it's pretty damn good !
  • [quote="Penny Dreadful"]after 2 listens i must say that i really like Tomboy, the only song i dont really like is Sheherazade but all in all it's pretty damn good ![/quote] I actually love that track. It's a breath of fresh air to me. the thing I was surprised about the final product was how much i wanted to dance to slow motion. But seriously, PK deserves mad props for a great mix!
  • I just wish I didn't listen to the singles so much... it kinda ruined some of the magic for me. That being said, Slow Motion is still one of my favorite songs on the album. I'll do a track by track review later...
  • I'm banking on my copy coming in the mail tomorrow.
  • Hopefully mine will a come tomorrow as well. GREAT week for Animal Collective fans.
  • Such a great album. [u]You Can Count On Me -[/u] So ambient, this song makes me anxious to listen to the rest of the album. Yes Panda, we can count on you, and your music. [u]Tomboy -[/u] I'm a big fan of the drums in this song. [u]Slow Motion -[/u] Beautiful. So relaxing. [u]Surfers Hymn -[/u] I LOVE this song. The waves in the background, the harmonies, it all works so well. This is unlike anything I have ever heard. [u]Last night at the Jetty -[/u] Still one of my favourites. [u]Drone -[/u] I can't decide if this is really beautiful or really annoying. Perhaps beautifully annoying. [u]Alsatian Darn -[/u] This song has an EPIC build! I love it! So triumphant. I also really like the keys in this song, I think I'll to learn how to play it. [u]Scheherezede -[/u] This song creeps me out. I'd like to put it in a movie. [u]Friendship Bracelet -[/u] Pretty neat, I think I hear animal sounds in there... [u]Afterburner [/u] - This song makes me want to dance. I like the beat! [u]Benefica [/u] - I must hear this song live. I love how the album starts and ends with slower comforting sounds. It's like reading a good book. I feel satisfied when I listen to this album. It was definitely worth the wait.
  • I've waited to say this but I kind of have the feeling that Slow Motion has some "swagger". Agree or Disagree?
  • I LISTENED TO IT (finally) GUYS AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! i'm so glad I waited until I had the vinyl. I agree that slow motion has some "Swagger" I think the entirety of Side A is pretty groovy and SIDE B is like the SLOW DOWN side. Its so relaxing.
  • I'm thoroughly enjoying tracks 1-6 (You Can Count Me - Drone) at this point. The second half right now isn't as memorable, but I'm still only on my third or fourth listen since it started streaming a week ago on NPR. It probably has a lot to do with having previously heard most of the first half. But I'm listening to it right now and I just got to Alsatian Darn, so I'm sure after a couple more listens the second half will have as much of a lasting impact as the first. And to Tabelz- Ha, I'm not quite sure the exact definition of swagger, but I guess I would say that I can at least hear some of it in the drum beat. Since hearing it when the single came out, I've thought that it almost sounds like a hip hop beat.
  • i listened to it once, and i'm really amazed how much i enjoy it already i'll be honest, i had my doubts panda could top person pitch and was pretty disappointed with some of the singles feeling bare but i'm definitely impressed with this album the last 5 songs are my favorites, the album flows together so nicely, all of the guitar effects sound great and i'm just really excited to get some money and buy this listening to the bootlegs has got me thinking about Deeks' album and what it'll sound like. i have never heard him play any solo music except the keep thingy and i can't wait to hear what he has to offer
  • Wini's top 5 in order of current pleasure-inducement #1. Afterburner 2. Slow Motion 3. Last Night at the Jetty 4. Tomboy 5. Scheherazade Afterburner is the same length as my commute and is going to make it amazing with that long repeat gorgeousness at the end. I would like to splice the last instrumental part and out it on repeat for, like, a half hour, and just trance out. The songs are really good for dancing: some are for long, elegant stretching and twirling, some are for tribal hopping up and down, some are really excellent for belly dancing. I'd love to choregraph them.
  • penny's top 5 1. You Can Count On Me 2. Benfica 3. Friendship Bracelet 4. Surfer's Hymn 5. Last Nigth At The Jetty
  • Friendship Bracelet sounds like something from Spirit
  • I preordered it on vinyl from amazon (biggest mistake) it says it wont be here till the 15th through the 19th and i've listend to it on npr its taking a toll on me not to download it and wait but its so good. anybody get the white vinyl version?
  • I believe We Tigers did, and she said she'd upload a photo once she received it.
  • here are my favorite songs 1. Slow Motion (this song just hits right where you want it) 2. Last Night at the Jetty (the iknowiknowiknow part is still as heavenly as ever) 3. Afterburner (such a wonderful, jittery song) 4. Alsatian Darn (i always really liked this song, so tense and heavy) 5. Shezerade (there are multiple slower, breather songs on the album. this one is just so 'effin gorgeous i mean the melody is just so mmmmmm) if i had to give it a score i'd probably go for 9 - 9.5
  • I have recieved the white version and I guess i'll take a picture of it in the morning (when the light is better!) and upload it for y'all. Even though I was dissapointed to realize that the clear version is indeed the special version, the white version is very beautiful. I have yet to listen to teh album enough to analyze it as much as you all but i'm so excited to do so.
  • I still haven't received mine, and the mail already ran today so I know I won't be getting it today. =/ This is why I don't like ordering from Insound.
  • [attachment=0]<!-- ia0 -->Noah2.jpg<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment]What does this say?
  • Well, the bottom word says Noah. Not sure about the word on the top though.
  • I believe it says "Friends".
  • That's what I thought! It's the Tomboy poster, signed by Noah. It's the prize for some contest i will make up or it is a gift for someone who needs it worse than anyone else. Like if they broke their leg.
  • Aww that's sweet! Did you receive it with your LP or did you receive for some special reason?
  • Paw Tracks had 100 of them and I got lucky. Y'know, I was thinking I out to have amended the post to say, "and don't go breaking your leg". But then I thought, no, they'll think I'm being a cranky schoolmarm. Apparently Miss Cranky Schoolmarm is sometimes precognizant! It's not a big deal, I just figured I ought to get it because someone might need it.
  • Oh, it hurts really bad!! I may need to go to the hospital Wini! Oh, I just kid I just kid. That is awesome that you got one out of 100!
  • that's so awesome wini! I was bummed when I saw that they had been up for sale! I would've loved to snag one of those! You're such a sweetie wini, to buy it for someone else eventually!
  • wow that is an awesome drawing of a panda bear i really like the how theres a smiley face in the right eye
  • What do you guys think of Drone? That's starting to become one of my favorites. I like it lot. It could have something to do with him playing it back when I saw him in October. For some reason Drone is the song that I remember most vividly from that show. As of now my top Five from Tomboy are as follows: 1. Tomboy 2. Alsatian Darn 3. Surfer's Hymn 4. Drone 5. You Can Count on Me But honestly it's extremely hard to pick my top five. They're all super good.
  • I love the live version of Drone, but I'm kind of disappointed with his voice in the studio version. Just sounded better raw and live. Did you see him at Hopscotch?
  • Nah, I saw him at Moogfest. I thought about going to Hopscotch, but Moogfest was closer (asheville, NC) and also had MGMT. I went super early and was one of the first people to get in. I wanted front row for MGMT so bad. It was totally worth it. I was pretty worn out by the time I went to see Panda Bear. I should've just grabbed an open seat a little ways back, but I went and stood up in the front instead. I was so tired, so I didn't get to enjoy it quite as much as I would have fully rested. But it was still great. I left for a bit and came back and just sat down about halfway back in the theater. A couple minutes later James from MGMT walked by and I got to say hi to him and chat for a sec. He said he remembered seeing me during their show, so that was pretty awesome. Overall Moogfest was a great experience, despite having to go by myself.
  • Wow, this is SO much better than the streamed version that I heard it on first. Listening to lossless now. What a difference! I actually like it now. Big thanks to Moondog for this crunchy rip.
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  • Has everyone who pre-ordered Tomboy from Insound gotten theirs in the mail? Cause I still haven't.
  • I received mine on the 11th. Insound has some of the best customer service ever. It certainly wouldn't hurt to shoot them an e-mail if you are concerned. The guy who runs it, Jory, is super nice!
  • JORY! ha! what a visually appealing name
  • Sent 'em an email...waiting on a response. I really hope I get my copy soon. I'm craving it...
  • Finally got my copy! Hurray! I've listened to it a couple of times now, and I must say I really love it. There are a few tracks here and there that I'm not too fond of (Drone being the major one) but overall I love it. Favorites right now: Surfer's Hymn Last Night At The Jetty Scheherazade Afterburner
  • did anybody else get the Clear Vinyl ?
  • Does anyone here read Hebrew? I got the RSD shirt and want to know what it says!
  • did anyone get the pink / puke vinyl? uh!
  • i think i actually like afterburner the most
  • [quote="thedude"]i think i actually like afterburner the most[/quote] Yeah its the best. Afterburner or Slow Motion
  • [quote="MoonDog"][quote="thedude"]i think i actually like afterburner the most[/quote] Yeah its the best. Afterburner or Slow Motion[/quote] I agree, I just can't decide between the two. I love the drop in afterburner, but slow motion is amazing throughout.
  • Afterburner was one of the tracks that even on my first listen I just absolutely loved. It's fantastic
  • I've been lost in work for a couple of months so catching up on music now. After listening to TB all I can say is everything's going to be alright. Yes
  • I am enjoying The Preakness the most and it didn't even make Tomboy. The song shows great restraint, the keyboards are awesome and I can relate to the lyrics. Last Night At the Jetty and Alsation Darn are also tied for first place. Slow Motion is groovin'. The keyboard on Tomboy was a great touch indeed. I don't like Scheherazade. Different from the other tracks but pure filler in my opinion. More of the same old slow and tired chanting over the simplest of keyboard work and the same old swooshy noises. And I was also left wanting more clear Panda Bear vocals like on "Screens" from Oddsac. overall, 6.6/10.
  • Just heard it two days ago and I was pretty impressed. Slow motion, tomboy, and afterburner are amazing but a couple were meh and some titles that were good i can't remember haha.
  • <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ck-contest</a><!-- m --> enter to win a Tomboy skateboard deck on insound. I don't skateboard but they look so cool I entered. I mean...don't enter so I have a better chance of winning.
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