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Felt like getting a new thread going, one that I can say I started, haha. The thread is simple, someone name a song, and all of us try to give our own ideas on the meanings behind them. Maybe what kind of experiences we have had while listening to said song. I'll start with a newer song that Id like to hear your guys thoughts on. [b] I think I can[/b] What's in your way? What's nice about staying on the same things, What you, what you, get on and stay on? Well I guess, I'm just doing, what makes me feel good. So [Even if I could, Even if I could, You know I would Just come back to it anyhow] And I don't want And I don't want To keep myself ... And I know how Too many tough times ... And I don't want And I won't have To keep myself From you all Anyways And I know how Too many tough times ... What's in your way? What's nice about staying on the same things? What you, what you, get on and stay on Well I guess, I'm just doing what makes me feel good. So [Even if I could, Even if I could, You know I would Just come back to it anyhow] And I don't want And I don't want To keep myself From good And I know how Too many tough times You would And I don't want And I won't have To keep myself From you all Anyways And I know how Too many tough times ... Will I get to move on soon? I think I can I think I can I think I [What's happening to you?] [Try to say it. Do it.]


  • It still sounds like Noah is still trying to cope with his father's death. "Will I get to move on soon?" seems like the type of question you'd ask if you were dwelling on something for a long period of time. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on Water Curses.
  • yeah, I think it is about moving on from something incredibly serious in your life (probably his father's death). Trying to stop from keeping all the emotions to yourself and moving onto something better. I almost find it a narrative between two people, one trying to encourage the other to move on. Its not nice to dwell on the same old things. I feel like there's more too it than that, though. As it is with a lot of their songs, there seems to be some unspoken emotions and ideas that are conveyed with the words they choose.
  • Very cool that is what I was thinking. I read on that some people thought it had to do with drug problems, but who knows. Its one of those songs though that I get really inspired too.
  • yeah, I feel like it could be easily related to many issues. It reminds me of moving on from a very serious relationship that was no good for you.
  • Whats your guys thoughts on Water Curses?
  • Water Curses is crazy complex, just like it sounds. reading the lyrics, I am entirely unsure of what it all means. It makes me think of standing on the edge of living your life to the full potential and creating beautiful things. It makes me think of the risk you take from going out on an edge and exploring your creativity to the max. You know, you can be entirely shot down. It makes me think of running on pure instinct. It makes me think of creating beautiful things when the entire world around is already beautiful. But i'm sure none of that is what it really means. What a complex song.
  • To me, it sounds kinda like a day with your best friend when you're a little kid, wandering through the forest and splashing in puddles and finding all that's good in this twisted world.
  • What are your thoughts on Peacebone?
  • Hi Mike! Nice to see you here. I'm not sure about the rest of the song but I think the chorus means to trust yourself and your instincts, and to be an individual.
  • An obsession with the past is like a dead fly And just a few things are related to the old times I think that means to stop trying to hold onto the past, no matter how incredibly happy it made you feel, because it's gone. Like you just broke up and still have tons of nostalgia, and you keep dwelling on the memories but you have to let it go.
  • I really love those two lines, Dusty.
  • [quote="we tigers"]I really love those two lines, Dusty.[/quote] and what's funny is that I can't stand those two lines because I disagree with them. Especially the second one. To me, that's just wrong. I believe things build on themselves and the past, present and future are all interrelated and interdependent. However, I appreciate that the next line is 'it's not my words that you should follow, it's your insides'. True. Just make sure you know which inside parts you are following (or outside dangly bits).
  • I guess you are right in a lot of ways but I find it a nice reminder to let go of some of the past. I know that what happens in the past is very important to who we are now but i'm a person who dwells on things far too much.
  • I guess I'm in the middle then, because I believe an obsession with the past is like a dead fly, but I don't think just a few things are related to the old times. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • yes, that's where I am too: maybe I sounded too extreme.
  • i find this song sad..Its looking back on the sad memories with someone and somehow wanting to move and break free
  • The left eye is just a piece of the picture that the maker of the site chose. There is no symbolism, and you need to stop obsessing over it. You're like some crazy conspiracy theorist or something. Calm your hormones and enjoy the music. Do you seriously think Animal Collective are set out on brainwashing their listeners?
  • What do you guys think about Forest Gospel on hollindigan? "Pull out the stick Pull out the prick" This song is crazy intense, they get SO into it. I wish i knew exactly what they were thinking.
  • 2008-08-29 - erinmakescake86 wrote: if you listen to the song, it really sounds like he is saying, "all you need is a nigger" Its really aukward listening to this song with someone who is not familiar w/ experimental music. They almost always will get the wrong impression. Great song, however. 2009-10-24 - Mr. Black wrote: the idear of experimental racist music amuses me... haha! ^that's ME! 2009-10-30 - Hehe wrote: I hear "only my best friend Jesus" ^i always hear this too! haha!
  • haha, im pretty sure its "All you need a nick. Pull out the stick. Pull out the prick."
  • Tikwid. It's a pie? Berries in my heart bread? What?! I like some of the lines in the song, we've braided our hands together, we'll hide in my jar. But I don't really get the rest. SURPRISE. Help?
  • Avey is SUPER metaphorical. I'd imagine, after the chorus when he says its a pie.. he means like, all together its one thing. one good thing? idk, just throwing ideas. and berries in my heart bread could just be talking about a feeling he has. kinda like butterflys in my stomach.
  • my understanding of berries in heart bread: little sweet sticky bits in my heart. i know a lady or 5 i would certainly consider a berry in my heart bread, breaking up the homogeny of heart feeling BS with unadulterated tangy sweet unexpected fruit.
  • [quote="yukbon"]my understanding of berries in heart bread: little sweet sticky bits in my heart. i know a lady or 5 i would certainly consider a berry in my heart bread, breaking up the homogeny of heart feeling BS with unadulterated tangy sweet unexpected fruit.[/quote] You're awesome.
  • And you haven't even tasted my cooking. I once made a grilled cheese sandwich so great that I almost got a girlfriend out of it. (did not use heartbread to make it though, maybe that was the problem)
  • Regarding heartbread: berries and cheese might not be too tasty, unless it's one of those sweet cheeses like marscapone.
  • What about cheesecake with strawberry sauce?? I would like to hear peoples' thoughts on Banshee Beat. It's possibly my favorite song, period. I think it chronicles an entire relationship, from beginning to end. "someone in my dictionary's up to no good; I never find the very special words I should." The feelings of confusion and nervousness that come with the beginning of a relationship. Like the way you feel when you're first infatuated with someone, and worried about saying the right things and not embarrassing yourself. The only thing I can get from the next part is that "I sit on all your actions" is like how you feel jealous, and want that person all to yourself when it first begins. And the whole next part with the hearing it from your brother, the elderly wasp-stump, and whatnot: i think it's about something big happening, and hearing from an outside source like one of your friends or something instead of hearing about it from the person you should've heard it from. And like sinking feeling you have the instant you hear it. I get the feeling there are three people involved in this scenario actually... like a classic love triangle. Haha. I have no idea about the whole swimming pool thing. Maybe Avey has a specific memory associated with a swimming pool. And the end, I believe follows Avey's thoughts as he ponders over whether or not it was all worth it, and decides that it was because of all the memories. Anyway thoughts?
  • i've never made any sweet ones; i don't have much of a sweet tooth. but that's not a bad idea, actually. a grilled cheese pain perdu sort of thing. with some strawberries macerated w/ sugar as a sort of jam/chutney dipping sauce...
  • re: banshee beat i agree it's about relationships but i always took that "hear it from your brother" to be about sex -- you always learn about that kind of stuff from your slightly older friends/peers.
  • Banshee Beat has always been about the end of a relationship to me. (It was a big vice for me when I was going through a breakup) It starts with "wonder why it didn't work out." And then there's "gonna let you do your thinking if you need a while" and the words that sting. I think "and I really need to shower" part is about washing off the memories of the relationship (or purging something). I'm not sure what the swimming pool symbolizes but I always think of someone drowning themself (even though I'm sure it's not about that). I think the whole story about throwing the rock etc. is pleading with the other person not to leave ("we've had so many good times, don't go".). My favorite part is "you have your fits, I have my fits, but feeling is good." It's really true.
  • "It's funny how a thing like that could go out one ear and into another, next thing you know, you gotta hear it from your brother." I think this is about a rumor. And i agree, i think its about the end of a relationship, talking about the cons, but looking up on the strong side.
  • "and if you give a little, then you can get a little bit" Except to me it sounds like " you can die a little, you can die, a little bit", which to ME makes more sense. I was listening to this (while real high) last night with headphones and heard a bunch of stuff I have never noticed before. like that up there is what that really high voice is saying right near the end. I always thought this was a Panda song? Am I definitely wrong?
  • I don't know, but the lyrics are darkly metaphorical, and thats usually how Avey writes songs. So thats what i guessed.
  • May I start a discussion on We Tigers? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.
  • Well what does everyone think about possible meanings? It always confuses me but I love it so much.
  • Oh gee, I always took that one literally.
  • I think its just about creation and pretty much speaks for itself.
  • Here's a perspective on the lyrics I haven't seen before, supposedly from Dave himself, probably off collected animules since it was 5 years ago. (I don't see the lyrics posted here, are they?) Maybe they'll help us look at it a bit differently. [quote]Hey kids lets pick up sticks lets make a sound of our own all dogs invited if everything feels wrong then we need a little bangin goin on. 123 arms (weapons) for the trees self seekers vomiting doubts I changed all your words but my poltergeist conccurs that words arent even necessery right now but im a noisy singer singing out a dinner but dinners are much stranger now everyone is morphing...Everything is morphing Tigers tigers...Crawl out katy did it katy did it...Crawl out.... oagers oagers oagers crawl out ive felt worse but i feel the curse of knowing what i shouldnt be dont know where well go but lets walk around and pretend to own houses we see kiss for a kiss, love change for chips, rules; but i though you and i? remember you young duck you crashed at my apartment you kept me up and made me smile Now im a noisy singer singing out a dinner.... [/quote]
  • there is such a wildness in this song lyrically and musically that I really love. I think its interesting how there is such a strong lyrical shift after the tigers tigers tigers. Its like the first 'stanza' (like a poem y'all), is about not feeling quite in place and changing to feel better. And then the final verse is to me, about falling for someone but knowing that even though things are fun they are wild and a part of it doesn't seem right. I don't know, I don't think any of it is very accurate but its what I think of when I read/hear the lyrics. obviously the line "i've felt worse but i feel the curse of knowing what I shouldn't be" really means a whole lot to me. Out of context to the song, just that single line so rings strongly to me because i've been there. There have been times in my life where i've felt worse, where i'm alright but I know that I should be somewhere else and I could do better. Its hard because sometimes you see people in the situation where they don't seem to realize that they are just 'alright' and could be 'great' and actually realizing that, even though it can help you in the end, it really does feel like a curse.
  • At first I thought that I'd rather not know I wasn't alright than knowing and being unable to do anything about it. I'm using to knowing, so I'd probably rather know. I believe you are 100% right on that line. And the rest of it, too.
  • If you didn't know than your life could never get better! I hate that feeling though, i really hate that feeling that results from knowing that things aren't right, in one way or another.
  • not everything is wrong but there's certainly a LOT that isn't bright!
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