56 Translations!

Found this site on tumblr, it's pretty amusing. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://funnytranslator.com/translation">http://funnytranslator.com/translation</a><!-- m --> Original text: "I just want four walls and adobe slabs for my girls" ...56 translations later we get: "Great Wall of China, what will my children." Original text: "I'm getting lost in your curls" ...56 translations later we get: "Ask"


  • Original: "I bet the monster was happy when we made him a maze" Translated: "I am still in the maze" Ooooh, spooky...
  • Original text: "I hate mean people on the internet" ...56 translations later we get: "I think people hate on the Internet." Original text: "KATY PERRY IS SETTING AN UNREALISTIC BEAUTY STANDARD FOR YOUNG WOMEN IN HER CALIFORNIA GIRLS VIDEO" ...56 translations later we get: "United States, Hong Kong Standard, she continues to talk kariforunyagarubideo." Original text: "Do i-dosers work?" ...56 translations later we get: "Cost?"
  • They don't work for me, well at least so far. And they're gonna fuck up my ears if I keep listening to it. You know, I just don't understand how people say, 'yeah, idoser is just a placebo, BUT it works' or 'drinking apple juice during WBTB is just a placebo for inducing lucid dreams, but it works.'! I don't get that people know its fake, and when they are taking or doing this fake thing, they still get the placebo effect of it! Doesn't make sense to me. I don't take what I call placebo very often at all but still.. Anyway, I'll stop bantering about that.. Original text: "Foals are sillies for not touring to Perth!" ...10 translations later we get: "Starling and stupid Perth, no!" Original text: "My left hip hurts and I think Jess may have caused it." ...10 translations later we get: "Jaap de Hoop play, think that this May be due Hess." Hahaha wtf? Jaap de Hoop!
  • "Four letters by, yours truly. " ...56 translations later we get: "Special programmes." "Avey Tare is such an amazing guy." ...56 translations later we get: "Good news." "Had a black and white sheltie, had a name when we first got him." ...56 translations later we get: "Shelton, the first black"
  • I found this one funny... Original text: "Think we are the right age to start our on peculiar ways?" ...56 translations later we get: "Since then I started Thinking?"
  • Original text: "Not of nuts... plenty on the corn!" ...57 translations later we get: HE IS THE CORN GOD fear him!
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