First Avey Tare Single!!

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<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... avey-tare/</a><!-- m --> Stream Lucky 1 from Pitchfork right now. It is excellent. Do not worry about what you thought it might sound like. Sounds less swampy and more safari-ish. Unbelievably good.


  • Yes, very good indeed.
  • ugh, do i have the guts to click it? INNER TURMOIL
  • Yeah I thought someone would make this a separate post so when I didn't see one, I made one without checking the "Official" Down There thread. So anyways yeah. It's not SUPER swampy but I can definitely hear it. I love to hear Avey doing new things with his voice though. Less yelpy but who says that's how the rest of the album will be? And who says that a smoother tone is a bad thing?
  • ducky fun!
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