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Hi, I'm new here so thanks for having me, animal lovers! I write a music/psychology blog where I try to use psychological theory to better understand indie rock songs, and use these songs to explore the human psychological condition. I just wrote an article on how I think the work of Animal Collective relates to person-centred therapy. I also make the collage art for the blog. I'm posting here because I figure that some of you might find it interesting, I hope that's okay (I don't want you to think I'm spamming an awesome message board or anything). <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... ollective/</a><!-- m --> All feedback is welcome, I'd love to hear some of your views on these ideas.


  • I honestly know nothing about psychology but I thought that was interesting. Brother Sport definitely helped me 'center' as a person by being that nice reminder that all I gotta do is express myself, hang in there, and try. As lame as it sounds.
  • That doesn't sound lame at all. I'm hearing that 'Brother Sport' provides a musical environment that brings out the best in you, which is a really fantastic thing. One of the main reasons I listen to AC is this feeling of warmth and respect they convey through their music. It makes me feel happy and accepted in some kind of way. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate that. It's nice to know it's accessible to non-psychologists as I really want it to be readable for everyone. I've written a few other articles on psychological ideas in the work of bands like The Mountain Goats and Arcade FIre too.
  • Hey Zephyr-Guy, I looked at your site, too, and found a lot of merit in it. Knowing bands personally and where the lyrics come from, sometimes it's hard for them to take fans seriously with their interpretations. A lot of bands are ok with their songs being interpreted in any manner necessary to the listener. One instance I can think of that defies that is an REM song that's about a bar that caught fire, not about love, as fans think. Your site is definitely accessible and interesting. For whom is it written?
  • Thanks for your encouragement, Winilula. You make an interesting point about the band's own views of what their songs mean. My personal stance is that nobody can really claim that a song only has one objective meaning; I think that any interpretation is as valid and worthy of consideration as another (even the band's own meaning). I know that the bands in all likelihood do not write songs with the meanings I take from them in mind. However, I think that interpreting the songs through a psychological framework adds an interesting dimension of meaning to the songs. I also believe that whenever we communicate, whatever our intentions, we reveal something about what it means to be human (often unconsciously) - our motivations, our fears, our desires. Pulling these out of songs illustrates to me the complexity of the human psyche. I started writing the blog for myself, in all honesty. I take satisfaction is exploring the work of bands I love in a little more depth than the way in which I usually interact with music. I find the blog to be the creative outlet which I had not really had for a few years. I am extremely gratified to find that some people are interested in the blog; the positive feedback adds motivation for me to keep going with it.
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