Sasquatch Music Festival - The Gorge, WA

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Anybody else go to Sasquatch last year? See animal collective? Attend the signing? I did. Tell me about your experiences!


  • Can I call you TT? Well, I wish I went TT. I'm not sure if they're gona do anything like that when they play here.
  • LOL sure. It's short i suppose! regardless, after the show they did a signing, so I RAN from the mosh pit to the little booth and ended up getting first in line <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> (AWESOME.) sad part is I got really sick that weekend so I had no voice. it was more of this really raspy scary voice. so as they were autographing my ac poster and merriweather cd I was like "you guys did awesome, i love you!" and they looked a bit creeped out. haha, but avey was so modest. i believe his exact words were "our show was really that good? that's great! we never know, it's hard to tell when you're the one performing." COULD YOU BE MORE ADORABLE!? anyways, that was definately the highlight of the whole weekend for me. i got my picture with them too, but it's blurry and on a fisheye lens. i'll put it up if we start some sort of picture collaboration.
  • Why don't you start one up?? Pictures with AC are always cool to show off. I'm waitin' for mine!
  • I'm stoked to have a large collaboration of AC pictures:D
  • [quote="terrortoast"]COULD YOU BE MORE ADORABLE!?[/quote] there is one interview on youtube, where panda is so stoned that u can honestly say: "that's the most adorable thing i've ever seen".
  • WHAT. send the link. IMMEDIATELY.
  • I really wish that I could have gone this year to see them. I didn't get to make it out there.
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