Oh man. Visuals. Oh.. Oh man.

The topic title is a quote from me, as i downloaded iTunes 10 today. I usually just use MP3 players, but mine got stolen. My friend is giving me her old shuffle so i downloaded iTunes 10. Got bored so listened to a bunch of AnCo songs on the new itunes visualizer. When your in a dark room at night, these things are trippy. I dont do drugs or find any means to get high, but i can imagine if someone was high watching this crap, they'd explode. Just a thumbs up to the apple team who worked on the new visualizer. its awesome Native Belle never seemed more alive, those things are supposed to be in my head, yet they're here dancing around my computer screen. Check it out guys. It's nuts.


  • yea itunes visualizers on drugs is kind of a cliche, but i used to do it quite often and had a lot fun. listing to it sober is pretty enjoyable as well.....
  • I'm listening to Pantha Du prince's remix of Peacebone and with the classic visualizer it's perfect. but the new one is round balls of floating light. Which aren't interacting with each other, or the music, too terribly much. Wrong song choice? I'll try Native Belle.
  • in my opinion the newer one isn;t as good as the classic visualizer.
  • Hmm, i usually skip songs until i get the right visual, its random too. I have had alot of luck with the newer one. and i blast my music so i think the beats make drastic changes in the visuals. maybe its just me
  • maybe you've been barnwarshed 2!
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