AC Songs used in movies?

So a few days ago I was watching this independent movie called Gigantic for the first time, and although I was enjoying very much I was a started to get a little impatient towards the end. The only reason being was that I had the song "Summertime Clothes" stuck in my head (I still do actually) and I was feeling a strong urge to watch the video on youtube where AC perform the song on the David Letterman Show. To my suprise, all of the sudden the song "Did You See the Words?" played at the end of the movie. I just thought that it was an interesting coincidence that right when I started to have Animal Collecetive withdrawls a song of theirs was played on a random movie I was watching. Hearing Animal Collective at the end of that movie was like icing on the cake. I recommend the movie but there is a lot of people who don't like it. I wasn't aware that there were AC Songs used in the soundtracks of some movies. From the previous posting I learned that "Winters Love" was used in the movie Shortbus. I haven't seen the movie yet but I just put in my Netflix Que. I was wondering if anyone knew about other AC songs used in films, TV shows, etc. P.S. Check out that video of AC performing Summertime Clothes on the David Letterman Show if you havent already. It is a high quality video and its from 5/7/09: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m -->


  • I watched Gigantic lastnight! I wasn't sure about the movie while I was watching it actually, it was interesting enough there was just something missing. When AC came on I was so surprised and happy. The movie is officially good. I haven't heard them in any other movies really, I know that I've heard some of their songs like My Girls and Summertime Clothes in skating videos, <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... re=related</a><!-- m --> that one's Jake Johnson I think, with My Girls.
  • i haven't seen any of the movies with ac songs! i still find the krayola makershal using sweet road strange and then some UK show called skins i never seen but know of using fire the works and maybe even some other song? god it's weird! but in regular life i've had do you see the words? pop up! ... once at a clothing store and once at a pizza place! both times i was hoping they'd play all of feels but no dice! BLACK die!
  • some ac songs (fireworks for sure) were used in british tv series "Skins". Season 1 and 2 higly recommended!
  • Wow I didn't know that. I've only seen a couple of episodes which seemed to have pretty funky jams.
  • the good looking young folk at the crystal castles show as they emo out! that sid guy is sucha dork and the about a boy BOY! oh god i need to see that show (one day!)
  • I hate skins. For some reason british teenagers just reeeeaaaaalllllllllllly piss me off.
  • I don't like all the promiscuity because I can't sympathise at all.
  • i WISH my teenage years had been like that! all killer parties and good music and drama and hotties to boot! sometimes i wonder about british folk... adults watching Skins, Big Brother UK, and frickin NEIGHBOURS (the worst!)
  • I'm pretty sure Neighbours is Australian.
  • it is Australian, and it's super popular in the UK
  • for reasons unknown! if you want so lame they're great soaps go for MEXICAN ones those are king!
  • George Lopez. Good guy.
  • i don't like that guy!
  • haha! soaps?? well, latinamerican soaps are all so incredibly funny, all their stories are so ridiculous!!!!!! anyway, these days i heard a new movie called "My Suicide" and it features Animal Collective but i don't know which song...this movie has really great on the radio, radiohead, bright eyes, MGMT....i wanna see it!
  • The movie "Dead Girl" opens with Reverend Green, pretty funky movie.
  • i was wondering the same thing a few days ago when i watched this movie at a friends house. i watched this indie movie DeadGirl. at the beginning For Reverend Green is played. the movie is pretty messed up though so fair warning...
  • oops srry casius! didn't see ur post. i feel like a bufoon now... :/
  • ...and i screwed up your name *UGH*
  • hey once you post something you can go back and edit it! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • I think Turning Into Something would make a good outro credits music..
  • srry for bashing on karen o, if you could even call it that...geez. anyway, someone made a where the wild things are trailer to alvin row <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m -->
  • they have been used in many alien workshop skateboard videos, and grass was used in a cliche skateboard video
  • Gigantic in my opinion is interesting. And yeah some people I knew thought that it was boring. Animal collectives can be heard from unusual movies so I think it just make it more interesting to watch isn't it?
  • Sweet Road was in a Crayola commercial, but I'm sure that's common knowledge.
  • [quote="KidGrizzly"]Sweet Road was in a Crayola commercial, but I'm sure that's common knowledge.[/quote] I didn't know that... really?
  • like you know... for kids!
  • Im so glad Gigantic had Did you see the Words. I wasnt watching the movie, my mom was. As i was doing something, i could hear a familiar noise (the slow begining of the song) and I got so happy. I ran to the source of the noise, and i started singing the song word by word in front of my mom. She just looked at me perplexed, but it still didnt sstop my dancing and singing. So great to hear an AC song at a spontaneous moment.
  • hey i saw that movie was on yesterday but i didn't watch it. thats cool though! <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> m --> the link above is a pretty cool music video for banshee beat though
  • never did see short bush!
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