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i think a christmas topicis neccesary as christmas is ever closing in on our tails, post what you love about christmas, the presents, the feels* and generally how you feel in this festive time of year !! post away !


  • I love the cheesy Christmas movies and family traditions. I can't wait to go home!
  • i do love the movies they are classics and i really love nightmare before christmas call me a cliche but i do love it and i love waking up to a stocking on my bed feeling teh weight of it under your feet !!
  • I like the decorations and overall general meaning of what it stands for, Love and care. It is very nice.
  • I hate Christmas. I hate how Christianity subsumed pagan cultures and made their rituals twist to relate to Jesus. I hate forced giving, forced camaraderie, forced charity. I hate the confusion it creates: is it about Jesus? Is it about Santa and presents? Is it about the earth turning back towards the sun? I also hate that the older you get and the more bad christmases you have, the harder it is to conform to societal decorum of it being the "happiest time of the year". I give and love throughout the year and am happy when the fates allow. Time is all relative, Jesus wasn't born in December, and there ain't no such thing as Santa. This is actually the only thing in the world I am a curmudgeon about.
  • Im just hoping for a white christmas. It's been snowing here for 4 weeks and i would be kind of sad if it all melted just before christmas.
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  • [quote="wolftigerrosebud"]Half my family's Christian and half is Jewish. Since both my parents are Jewish (my mom converted before I was born) I've always identified myself as a Jew, but I'm still exposed to some Goyish traditions. I can't stand Christmas, even though I'm going to be celebrating it this year with part of my family. I can't stand the thin-haired man in his cardigan comparing melons and humming along to Jingle Bell Rock. I hate the advertisements (because, you know, if you don't buy stuff, it isn't really Christmas). I hate the atheists' billboard on one side of the Lincoln Tunnel with a Christmas scene and words emblazoned over it: "You know it's a myth. This season, celebrate reason!" I hate the Catholic billboard on the other side of the tunnel that says, "You know it's real. This season, celebrate Jesus." I hate dealing with anti-semitism and alienation from idol worshippers whose god of choice is a Jew. I loathe the shallow generosity and the Christmas morning where the abusive, alcoholic uncle gives me a sobbing, boozy hug after a long night of drinking. I despise the intentional narrowness of Christians in their generosity during the Christmas season. Not all Christians, but the vast majority. I'm sick and tired of this manufactured celebration of consumerism that, under the thin veil of fake beards and electric reindeer, serves as a tool for capitalist gain across the land. Merry Christmas.[/quote] ohh! looks like SOMEONE is standing under the MISSLE TOE!!!!! it truly IS the most god damn wonderful time ... of the year!
  • yeah you guys are a bunch of sad saps. No offense. I'm super into Christmas this year. This year i've found my way following Jesus and God and am so excited to celebrate his birth and the miracle of it and that God sent him here and all that jazz and I know its not really his birthday but it is the day we celebrate it and I am so excited to share gifts with family and express my love and appreciation towards them and to give things away. I think about my shoe boxes that I filled and are being sent in Jesus' name to children in Haiti. I am excited to share this all with my son who's little heart is getting filled with excitement over everything. I love sentimental reflectiosn nad Christmas songs and finally feeling a spiritual connection with it. Even though i'm going broke it really makes me so happy, almost everything about this season!!! I hope you guys catch the spirit too and i'm sorry if I got too preachy about Christian things but it really makes me happy.
  • Fuck yeah Jesus! I'm getting hammered for that mothafucka!!!
  • i just like the season. makes me feel nice. im not 'anti-corporation' and i dont give a fuck about 'capitalist pigs and their greedy propoganda'. i just like having time off and being with friends and family.
  • it makes me happy how different each of our responses to Christmas are.
  • I love most everything about the Christmas season, I'm always very excited for it to come. Although in the last 2-3 years it hasn't been as satisfying when it came. I don't want believe that we just start hating xmas more and more as we age. I don't practice any religion, but I don't consider myself an atheist or an agnostic, I just have never decided on anything and may never decide (which is a decision in itself). But I do find it hilarious that a lot of atheists cry about how preachy and hypocritical Christians are, yet proceed to put up a billboard which forces their beliefs on everyone around. But, the Catholic group also responded in a way that is against Jesus' teachings (turn the other cheek, etc.). Anyway, I like Christmas. Esp. the music (only the classics though, none of that Taylor Swift covering Wham!), the advertisements (they don't make me want to buy shit, I just like them), decorations, etc.
  • well a lot of different views on christmas i must say,i am atheist and have never practiced any religion if anything the religion that most appeals to me is jedi but i celebrate christmas for the fun the frolics the giving and recieving of gifts and the general goodness of things i like having "feel good foods" like the cranberry sauce or the beautiful golden turkey it just nicely squeezes in to this finished product of awesomeness and i do agree with some people that christmas has been ruined by commercialism but then who wouldnt exploit this time of year in their position !!!
  • [quote="deadfly"]Anyway, I like Christmas. Esp. the music (only the classics though, none of that Taylor Swift covering Wham!), the advertisements (they don't make me want to buy shit, I just like them), decorations, etc.[/quote] some christmas music is really great. i heard sufjan stevens on tv and remembered his christmas eps and listened to them so much. its just great
  • have you just heard the main 5? ... 2 years back the 8th volume leaked and now the 6th one is out there! [which just leaves the mysterious #7! ... and i wonder if there was a 9th and VOLUME X!] i LOVE the 8th one... do you hear what i hear and the more use of troniks!
  • there are that many volumes?? I just bought mine off of iTunes and there are 42 songs. I wonder if that's all of it or if there is more or how to get it or tell???
  • hmmmm christmas music !!
  • [quote="we tigers"]there are that many volumes?? I just bought mine off of iTunes and there are 42 songs. I wonder if that's all of it or if there is more or how to get it or tell???[/quote] well i thought he did about one a year since 2001... so in 06 the first 5 were collected and did in fact total up to 42 tracks... since then he still made them but didn't release them [only giving them to friends and fambly i think... which is what they originally were too... little musical gifts for the ones he gloved1] ... yet somehow 2 years back one of them leaked and now the one from 4 years ago is out there? i don't quite get that either... i just assume then that 7 was 2007 and that there was a 9 and X for 09/2010! gotta catch them all!
  • I think Christmas is ok. I don't look forward to it but I don't dislike it at all. I like giving gifts to my friends. That is all.
  • and then the 2nd sufjan chimble thing came about! i wonder if he already did 11 12 13 and will do 14 and 15 for make the part 3 in 2016!
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