Animal Collective European Shows

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I just saw this on Domino Records' Website. Here is The Link: [url][/url] The Dates are: 14th May: All Tomorrows Parties, Minehead, UK 16th May: Winter Gardens, Eastbourne, UK 17th May: Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands 18th May: Les Nuit, Brussels, Belgium 19th May: Electron, Cologne, Germany 20th May: Melt Wee, Berlin, Germany 21st May: Stodola, Warsaw, Poland 22nd May: Krakow, Poland 23rd May: Arena Vienna, Vienna, Austria 24th May: Pogon Jedinstvo, Zagreb, Croatia


  • I bet that means they're done with the album and are gonna play new stuff...!!! eh eh eh?
  • No, they haven't even started yet, Noah is in the process of moving back to the states. My guess is they'll return to their original format of testing new material out at shows. And at the European shows they'll have a different audience than the states. Agreed?
  • kind of feels warped that they were playing MPP stuff in may of 07 and by may of 2011 [FOUR YEARS!] they'll FINALLY just finally START to be playing next proper album stuff? what the HECK... i mean the turnaround rate was so insane before sung tong shows in 03 feels shows in 04 strawjam shows in 06 mpp shows in 07 just something to think about!
  • not something to... DRINK about? walk about!
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