ATP/NY - review + photos

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Once again the organizers of All Tomorrow's Parties put on one hell of an event in a dingy, overlooked corner of the Catskills. Three days of entertainment overload centered around bands, but including comedians, live improvisation, trivia games, cult film screenings, performances of complete, specific recordings, live interviews with King Buzzo and Jon Spencer, a poker table helmed by Big Black/Shellac leader Steve Albini...the list goes on and on...incredible weekend. nirvana for music geeks, basically. Here are my thoughts about the whole thing, links to a review and photo gallery from each day. [url=]Day 1[/url] [url=]Day 2[/url] [url=]Day 3[/url] The Jesus Lizard [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] Nick Cave [img][/img] Boss Hog [img][/img] El-P [img][/img] Buzzo [img][/img] Todd Trainer of Shellac [img][/img] Alan Vega of Suicide [img][/img] Jon Spencer and Christina Martinez of Boss Hog [img][/img] Jared of the Melvins [img][/img] Bob Mould with No Age [img][/img] Caribou Vibration Ensemble [img][/img] Boadrum 9, view behind Zach Hill of Hella [img][/img] eye of Boredoms [img][/img] Deerhoof, outside their hotel room window [img][/img] Boris [img][/img] Flaming Lips [img][/img] Flaming Lips confetti blizzard [img][/img] Flaming Lips peace power [img][/img] Albini w/ Bradford Cox of Deerhunter at the poker table [img][/img]


  • pictures are awesome... looks like a really fun time! -tay I'm a big review junkie too, so check out my [url=]Hilton Las Vegas Reviews[/url] and [url=]Encore Las Vegas Revegas Reviews[/url], especially if you're planning any vegas trips soon!
  • hella brad ford! john nord!
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