Auckland, New Zealand, Dec 9th

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Just got back from the show, shit was MAD. No surprises in the set list though, so looks like they're not gonna be busting anything new out on this leg. In the Flowers WWIW?S Who Could Win a Rabbit Comfy in Nautica Summertime Clothes Daily Routine Lablakely Dress/Fireworks Guys Eyes Slippi Bro Sport Bleed My Girls My friend got the set list and it said they were gonna follow My Girls with Lion in a Coma but they didn't, that was a bummer. Interesting tidbit is that they still refer to the MPP songs by their old names on the set list (Dancer, Ariel etc.) There were a couple of what I think are new things tho: - Panda did all his backing vocals on WWIW?S - The backdrop was different from the MPP cover I've seen in other vids. It was a big red, blue and yellow Abbey picture, of flowers/plants surrounding a girl in the middle - Fireworks had even MORE shit added to it. Was well over 20 minutes. After the 'I've been eating with a good friend' bit and before the long guitar jam bit, it had this noisy as section where Panda was pounding the tom and avey was doing weird vocalisations like beatboxing or something. And then at the end of the song there was another new bit, which was literally just Avey singing and guitar, and it sounded like another old song he'd pulled (like key to the kingdom etc.) or maybe it was original idk, but it was pretty much a fully fledged song. also I bought Fall be Kind! but the packaging is kinda shit to be honest


  • [img][/img] Here's afore mentioned setlist from the sound man. Personal highlights of the show: Dancer, Comfy, Fwks, Slippi. Favourite was Fireworks definately; Noah was just on P with those drums.
  • fuuuuuuuuuuuu so jealous.
  • scroll down to see Avey and Geo seeing the sights of our country (sheep, cows, etc.)! <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> Hey 'Phantom' I think the guy who gave you the set list was the one and only Reverend Green! He woulda been controlling the lights, not the sound, which makes sense as AC have their own mixers on stage, and the lighting guy would need a set list more than a sound guy. plus the powerstation did have a sound guy up front side of stage.
  • did anyone video comfy? (or anything else!) was the greatest moment! shame they didnt play chocolate girl.
  • From NZ margot17?
  • yeaah frm auckland, was at the show <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> awesome video man did anyone film comfy??
  • Not that I know of. Not my video I just found it. Where were you? I was chillin' out in front of Noah.
  • I was at the front between brian and avey. aussies got a new batch of AC shirts with the mpp print all over <!-- s:( --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/sad.gif" alt=":(" title="sad" /><!-- s:( -->
  • Damn them, damn them all to hell!
  • Man, this show was so amazing, I was a wee bit stoned which I think contributed to me being nearly catatonic with joy. I think I was the irritating guy who couldn't help saying holy fuck, I blame the drugs. Second row from front, between Avey and Geo, more towards Avey side. Mind bogglingly awesome, pretty much everything I ever dreamed about from an AC show.
  • I really want one of those shirts (even tho I have 2 AC shirts and one Panda one already) Hey Alex I have the same name as you and we're both from NZ..w0h
  • you could be extras in the hobbit 2 together!
  • Hahaha, well it is the most awesome name in the country at least <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • more true identities revealed...
  • Your turn TT. NAME IT UP!
  • yeah ok whatever. it will forever be TT untill i accidentally let it slip... don't see that happening though. MUAHAHA. although I doubt it really matters.
  • call her Annie!
  • lol absolutely not!
  • then call her Candy (CANADA + ANNIE)
  • you're all ridiculous.
  • It starts with an R and isn't common.
  • Ramona! 100 posts? holy CRAP that was fast! phantom has 98? when did THIS all happen! this is madness!
  • I'm dedicated. HORRAY over 100 posts. I may even surpass you soon... >_> and no, it's shorter than ramona.
  • Remi, Remma, Rene, Rea, Rita, Ryan, Roxie.
  • Remy Zero / Moxie Gallery! you still didn't really essplain how you came up with "terror toast"
  • it is none of the above. but you're getting closer. terror toast... cause at the age of me making it up, I had a strange obsession with toast. i still do. it's delicious. also i like the word terror. cause, It's a fun emotion? thus terrortoast.
  • Who's getting closer?
  • [quote="Phantom"]Remi, Remma, Rene, Rea, Rita, Ryan, Roxie.[/quote] it's close to the shortest.
  • Ra! sunny goddy!
  • [quote="Phantom"]Ria?[/quote] SO close.
  • lol no shorter.
  • Ri? Ra? Ia? (that's an upper-case i).
  • HAHA no none. although ri is my nickname. its still one letter longer.
  • Rio? Rie? Riu? I am mostly just adding vowels on to the end.
  • [quote="KidGrizzly"]Rio? Rie? Riu? I am mostly just adding vowels on to the end.[/quote] first one. you win:3
  • Wow uncommon. I guess I should say nice name... Just joking; cool name.
  • I feel like such a winner right now. <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D -->
  • you win ***** 5 gold stars!
  • Her name is RIO?! what you dance on the sand too? no way parents durrrran durin fangs?
  • ever heard the Nipdrivers version of Rio?
  • Nip Drivers? (what!) nope! i really like the song ordinary world (and the "wedding" album it is one is one of the first cassette tapes i ever got! ... feat. the other hit song Come Undone and TOO MUCH INFORMATION!) ... i also have the Rio album on Vinyl (probably got it for 50 cents or something) ... i don't know man i don't know TOO much about them... i know of a band that has the amusing name duran duran duran ... an extra duran added! ... they are very different from the other band though... it's like breakcore/noizy/fake-techno shit!
  • I think every single person who's met me has asked me about duran duran. Yes I've heard of them. Was always a fan (not because of that song) but I did see them in concert when I was about 15 and they played "rio" at the end and I was delighted, seeing as nothing EVER has my name on it. (you know all those tacky pencils and keychains that people have?) alas my parents did not name me after the song. they just thought it was creative and original, and my middle name is Savana, so I suppose it's more so after the Rio river or the Rio desert. :B
  • change your first name to Savana, become Miss Georgia, then move to live near the rio! (both!) man i'm happy i got the name i did ... my parents other choices were NIGEL or Ahmad Jamal <!-- s:| --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/hrm.gif" alt=":|" title="hrm" /><!-- s:| --> i got lucky!
  • well we know your name isn't nigel or ahmad. that narrows it down. your name wasn't also a semi-popular 80's song title was it?
  • "Roxanne" was 1978..?
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