Merry Christmas

Happy Hanukkah to all you Jews. I don't know any other holidays from this season sorry.


  • I look at Chimble as being far more than just a christ asian holly golly day it truly is an American Holiday! for ALL to enjoy! every girl every boy! some say Santa mixed up is SATAN but then those same ones will deny that GOD is a reversed DOG!
  • anywho ... the one year mark of MPPgleek is upon us... ahhhh that's just crazy to think! such a gift that was!
  • Got a bunch of vintage vinyl from my Grandma, including Abbey Road, which I may have spazzed over a bit. Don't have my turntable yet but hopefully I get it soon! I will listen to the MPP vinyl I got in August for my birthday, which is a long time coming.
  • Oh, and, uh, Kwanza is another Holiday celebration to add to the list!
  • None of those other golly days come even close to the magik and monster-atrocity that is CHIMBLE! Chimp Hell! dammit i might get a record player but it'll probably be after a few days using christ my ash monkey money... i haven't had a working one since ... 2003! right at the time i bought OK Computer on Binyl!
  • Yeah, I ended up getting a turntable! Listening to some Magic Mystery Tour as I type. Oh, what glory is this Christmas day.
  • merry christmas indeed!
  • [quote="terrortoast"]merry christmas indeed![/quote] a day late [and a year!] a buck short... now terror Toasty! [MKII!] is writing... Ze Report! 6am? day after christmas! {plus a sweet little sixteen!] <miles prowers!> she's a brick and i'm a-drownin' ever-so gSLOWly! ]voodoo GROKn ze 'burbs![ and what/s that? a-lurkin in ze distance? i can't quite make it out... oh wait i think i see now it is ever so clear! it's... the [size=200][color=#FFBFFF]900[/color]![/size] bam! [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
  • I am ever so sorry I somehow missed this thread. I feel like I just witnessed the event of the century. Except I was late and so all there was left was ashes. So I smeared them on my face, rended my clothing, wailed, and flung myself into the pyre. Miraculously rising again, like the magnificent phoenix, aflame and afeathered, to shriek my mighty YAWP across the expanse of the universe. G.O., you are The Man.
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