Analyzing Doggy Lyrics

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I'm going to be analyzing the lyrics to Doggy for a response to lit essay in my core class. I know the song is about Avey's dog that died, but I need some more information on what certain parts of the song mean. What is your personal interpretation of the lyrics? Also, give me the link if anyone knows of some interviews of Dave/AC that mention the song. Thanks!


  • I have no clue how that dog got in a tree. Absolutely no clue. The rest of the song is basically self-explanatory.
  • You'd think you could just say "Dave's sad, his dog is dead, he wishes it were alive again, he's lonely" but you have to make all these stupid inferences and spread it out into five 8-sentence paragraphs. So I've read the lyrics about ten times now and I've been taking notes and trying as hard as possible to imagine every single one of Dave's emotions. It's sad that I have to dig deep though. I don't like doing this with songs, I just like to sink into them and not have to care about logic and reason. But I think the dog in the trees means the dog's in heaven. Ugghhh, I hope this project is over soon. Nice job, Mrs. See, assigning us a big paper when it's common knowledge that we're supposed to be studying our asses off for the standard finals :-/
  • Wow, never thought of the heaven thing. But doesn't it say that the dog fell and broke it's neck? I wonder what the dog fell from.
  • I found some people discussing the same thing here. I do think the concept is pretty simple, but some people get pretty in to it. It is always fun to play with song meanings. [url][/url]
  • the lyrics are what they are, the lyrics should be interpreted pragmatically, not picked apart. doggy is emotional, its colloquial yet powerful, and the purpose of the song should only be analyzed as a dedication to avey's dog, nothing more
  • Hey, stranger!
  • i'll forever crack up at a post on AKKA in 05 about how did a dog get up in a tree... and the guy said to avey You put him up there didn't you you sick duck? haha! just the IDEAR of that!
  • Oh man, mental images causing me to chuckle in public. Stop doing this to me G.O.!
  • what have you done to me! ^a chilling thought!
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