radio funding cut

Congress axed funding for public radio broadcasting. It seems we are being herded like cattle to give up our individuality and believe everything CNN and Fox news says. Any input?


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  • Ah, Dave, it is such a double-edged sword, though. Not the PBS thing, your life choice. If everyone did that, nothing would ever happen. I mean, I totally understand where you are coming from! But I don't think my extra reach-out intervention into the world means nothing. Not that that is what you are saying. I hope you understand what I am saying.
  • And to address the actual issue presented, I am actually stunned that funding was cut. I grew up on PBS, literally. I was two months old when it came into being. It changed our world view, and that will not be easily surrendered. I would fight that battle full on. I'm a member of Georgia Public Broadcasting as well as National Public Radio. While they may no longer be "pure", they still provide a valuable service.
  • It doesn't define my individuality but at least I had the choice. Unbiased info is becoming scarce. Im definitely a "head down, do as I'm told" kind of monkey. Not trying to pick fights or force opinion just wanted different views. Especially since I hear AC, radiohead, japanroids etc., etc. on NPR.
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  • oldcoldtoes, it is nearly impossible to pick fights here. I think this is a great topic for discussion!
  • We haven't had any serious contenders yet.
  • And I'd hate to be the first. This board is neat. I wish I found it earlier. I think I'm the only person in my town who even knows who AC is.
  • [quote]Garrison Keillor every weekend,[/quote] that guy went to my high school anoka, MN i hate him SO much <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
  • i think i was the only one in my high school who even knew who Garrison Keillor was let alone that he went to our same school GOD they were so out of it back then [it amused me!]
  • i also got made fun of for wearing a shirt of a college radio station called 770 Radio K and so many thought it amusing to say "more like 770 radio GAY" hey hey!
  • I'm farther north and we have Taylor swift and Justin beiber on repeat on our radio stations. It's terrible. I know I'm not the only one but would like to have a conversation about the band and haven't found one yet. Anoka is alot closer to some sort of relevant music scene. I didn't mean to be douchey about it.
  • What year did u graduate from Anoka?
  • 2002! it was always weird reading people down on their radio but maybe most aren't lucky we had not one but TWO groovy college radio stations and then always at least one non-college radio station that would play slightly hipper stuff... like all 3 have played Animal Collective of course! and way more obscure stuff than that... so i always have a warped view of "radio hits" haha
  • [quote="oldcoldtoes"] I know I'm not the only one but would like to have a conversation about the band and haven't found one yet. [/quote] You mean, Animal Collective? For most of us the only other people we can talk to about them are the people on the board. I've heard Animal Collective on public radio.
  • Ya I imagine most people here being from bigger cities. The only other person I know who listens to AC graduated from Anoka or st. Francis in 99' I think. That's why I asked. I love hearing obscure music on NPR at like 3 am leavin work. It reminds me of being in Minneapolis.
  • the crowd i ran with in St. Cloud State University pretty much all knew and liked the AC to varying degrees... it was strange! when they played at First Ave in 07 and 09 i knew a whole bunch of people there... weirded me the HELL OUT
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  • never! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> we're a kinder simpler folk up here (minneSNOWtah nICE my left foot!)
  • Do all Minnesotans talk with a Fargo accent?
  • I always say we dont but ya pretty much everyone north of the cities. It's just not as thick as the movie portrays. I was at the 09' show. Paid way to much for the tickets to ensure I could get them. Would hate to have driven 4 hrs and not got tickets.
  • [quote="Dave"]Do all Minnesotans talk with a Fargo accent?[/quote] Fargo isn't in Minnesota!
  • [quote="G.O. [!]"][quote="Dave"]Do all Minnesotans talk with a Fargo accent?[/quote] Fargo isn't in Minnesota![/quote] You forgot to put the <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
  • You're right--Minnesota's in Fargo.
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