Latest additions to ATP Curated by Animal Collective Fest UK

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Animal Collective confirm Tony Conrad, Grouper and more for All Tomorrow's Parties 13-15 May, Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead Today we're happy to be able to confirm another group of additions chosen by Animal Collective for their ATP line-up - one of the most eclectic and experimental ATP has ever seen! The list is headed by avant garde film/music legend Tony Conrad, as well as three of the most acclaimed experimental acts of the last few years: Grouper, Actress (#1 Album Of Year 2010, The Wire) and Oneohtrix Point Never (#2 Album Of Year, The Wire). The excellent Kurt Vile who releases a stunning new album this month will also perform, plus there's more including a rare chance to see two of Mali's best live acts in Khaira Arby and Super Khoumeissa. Animal Collective will play two headline sets in the Centre Stage venue - anyone that does not get in on the first night (or chooses not to see them on that night) can get a wristband to guarantee entry for the second performance. Here is the full list of new additions... TONY CONRAD GROUPER ACTRESS ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER KURT VILE AND THE VIOLATORS KHAIRA ARBY SUPER KHOUMEISSA MATT BAETZ The line-up for the event looks like this... ANIMAL COLLECTIVE / BIG BOI (Outkast) / BEACH HOUSE / TERRY RILEY / THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282 / GANG GANG DANCE / LEE SCRATCH PERRY / ATLAS SOUND / ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI / BLACK DICE / I.U.D. / MEAT PUPPETS perform Up On The Sun / THE FROGS perform It's Only Right & Natural / OMAR-S / PRINCE RAMA / SPECTRUM / DENT MAY / GROUP DOUEH / THE BROTHERS UNCONNECTED / DERADOORIAN / ZOMBY / VLADISLAV DELAY / MICACHU AND THE SHAPES / TEENGIRL FANTASY / DRAWLINGS / TICKLEY FEATHER / ORTHRELM / ERIC COPELAND (Black Dice) / KRIA BREKKAN / THE ENTRANCE BAND / HIGHLIFE / EAR PWR / FLOATING POINTS / MICK BARR / SUBLIME FREQUENCIES DJs + Films / TONY CONRAD / GROUPER / KURT VILE AND THE VIOLATORS / ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER / ACTRESS / KHAIRA ARBY / SUPER KHOUMEISSA / MATT BAETZ Tickets for ATP Curated by Animal Collective are priced at £170.00pp for room only and £180.00pp for self catering and are on sale now from <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->


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