ac sleep/relaxing mix?

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give me your tracklist suggestions for an ac mix meant to fall asleep to. yes, that means no "slippi"


  • it's called campfire songs [hi-yo!] but no the last part of slippi after the climax is REALLY chilled out you could just loop that for 30min! also: The Softest Voice Flesh Canoe? Bees? No more Running? PLAYPEN [that's a really good mellow one oh man!]
  • visiting friends is the perfect one for me. always relaxes me
  • jeez how did i not mention that one! yes!
  • Visiting Friends is one of my favorite chilled out songs, too.
  • someone should do a remix of it add in some CRUSHING BEATS make it dansey!
  • Side C of Animal Crack Box!
  • [quote="G.O. [!]"]someone should do a remix of it add in some CRUSHING BEATS make it dansey![/quote] somebody should mix it with slippi
  • Other than the previously mentioned songs, I love falling asleep to all of Campfire Songs in general!
  • The album with Vashti Bunyan was one of the albums I would listen to when I was hung over. I always found it relaxing in that state.
  • [quote]Other than the previously mentioned songs, I love falling asleep to all of Campfire Songs in general![/quote] that's the first thing i mentioned! uh! and AC made an EP with vASHti not an album! she RUINED the sung tong outer-takes! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
  • Same thing. Hey, if you don't like her voice, that's cool, but apparently the guys in the band did. :p
  • Bluish Bleed Banshee Beat Daffy Duck Seal Eyeing I feel like AC isn't a very good choice to help you go to sleep. In my opinion it takes some energy to listen to their music
  • I think it depends on what selection of their music you're listening to, but I agree with you for most of it. That old acoustic stuff is super sleepy, as well as that really long track on Sung Tongs.
  • I seem to like to listen to banshee beat, graze ( even though the end is pretty crazy), loch raven and winter's love. I know they aren't the most relaxing to others, but to me they seem to be for some reason.
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    i find loch raven to be very relaxing, the electronic sounnds just kind've wash over you. (i love my headphones) i don't think these ones have been posted Foetus No Man Who Welles in my Hoff Mich Mit Einer Mond O Please Bring Her Back Liebe Auf Den Erstien Blick I'm Not Ponytail Baleen Sample
  • double post!!! gaw dangit
  • i have one one of these on itunes it has anco/pandy/avey/kria on it.
  • my favorite to fall asleep to is campfire songs or feels. I can't fall asleep to Strawberry Jam.
  • I fall asleep to MPP some nights and I guess Tomboy and Person Pitch are really good too.
  • I had some free time this weekend so I made an AC Sleepytime Mixtape for everyone! All the tracks were picked as the most the gentlest of AC tunes because I have trouble sleeping to music that changes volume and pitch a lot. I also edited some of the tracks so that it would never become suddenly loud and wake you up or pull you out of your drowsiness. Here's the track list: Moo Rah Rah Rain - Campfire Songs De Soto De Son - Campfire Songs The Softest Voice - Sung Tongs Sis Around The Sándmill (Reversed) - Pullhair Rubeye Search For Delicious - Person Pitch Loch Raven - Feels Cemeteries - Down There Bleed - Fall Be Kind EP Ponytail - Person Pitch No More Runnin' - Merriweather Post Pavilion Throwin the Round Ball - Danse Manatee Sasong (Stretched and Reversed) - Pullhair Rubeye Untitled 07 - Young Prayer and here's the link, I hope it works: Sleepy Time Mix.m4a Enjoy!
  • i agree with this list whole heartedly
  • I think I'm going to sleep well tonight.
  • cool claude! I just listen to Campfire songs when I want to sleep to AC.
  • visiting friends isnt very relaxing for me. it kind of scares me. the way it progresses is unsettling
  • what! no it's not! yr crazy! tico tico toe woman uh!
  • unsettle that woman, tic
  • set her DOWN! no! what are you doing! stop that! YOU STOP THAT!
  • stop it! stop it!! stop it slippi!!
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