My God. I don't even know what to say. The radiation leak was just confirmed, and people around the power plant are being evacuated. How horrific. [youtube]


  • This is definitely terrifying and unbelievable. I can't even imagine. I'm still kind of in shock. They've certainly got my prayers anyways.
  • Same here... I always feel so useless when these things happen. I wish I could do more.
  • If the universe works the way I think it should, if we open our hearts to them to share their pain, we can help with its alleviation. The nuclear aspect of it affects us all.
  • Phew, talk about scary. I've read that there wouldn't be an explosion, even in the unlikely event of a full meltdown, but that sort of thing could still release radiation into the air, which would then be blown east to North America. This whole thing has me on edge.
  • Yeah, this whole thing is affecting me a lot more than most natural disasters in recent memory. I feel more for the people of Japan than I remember feeling for others like Haiti, Indonesia, etc. Maybe that's a bad thing to say but my heart is certainly with Japan right now.
  • I've been praying for them as well. But its rediculous how many biblic natural disasters that have happened lately. I don't want to blame god, but i feel like this sort of thing is...
  • I think climate change or chance may be more suitable targets for blame. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • Well, i pull my evidence out of prophecy. I don't just say, wow, alot of people died, god must be in a bad mood or something.
  • things like this is one of the reasons i don't belive in a god.
  • True, I actually kind of like that theory, Shall. <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/lol.gif" alt=":D" title="lol" /><!-- s:D -->
  • You sound like a person who has a theory for everything. Whats yours, D.A.V.E.?
  • things like this definitely make me wonder a bit about religion and God and all but i've also come to accept that a lot of the time there's a much bigger picture at play that I can't even begin to imagine. From really sad terrible things there often comes understanding and goodness, i'm not sure how much i back that train of thought though...Plus there is the whole end of the world thing but i'm not sure if I believe that or not...My church teaches us to be excited and expecting Jesus at any time, anticipating his return and as glorious as I believe it will be its hard for me because there are so many people that don't believe... I hate to turn this into a religious debate or anything of the sort. I can't really debate, honestly, because i'm not educated enough on the Bible.
  • My theory is that, much like what Tigers said, there's something bigger than I can understand going on. My beliefs on religion would just upset people, so that's where I'm going to stop (I'm not interested in riling people up anymore).
  • Whatever works, I think is okay. I know a lot of really religious people; some of them are among the best people I know. But 4.5 years of attending a Christian school has turned me off of Christianity if anything. Is there already a religion thread? Is that something people would post in, or is that not a good topic to have a thread for?
  • [quote="we tigers"]. From really sad terrible things there often comes understanding and goodness, i'm not sure how much i back that train of thought though...[/quote] and a complete lack of understanding from morons. i had no idea that people ACTUALLY said they didn't care because of pearl harbor. i swear if anybody said that to me in real life i'd be extremely mad at them. also, if they're playing that card, look at the death toll of hiroshima
  • I know alot of people that turn off Christianity because of school, and parents, deadfly. It sucks for me as a christian to see that happen. Its also annoying to see other "christians" act like they're all knowing and force it on you. luckily i wasnt born into the world with any of these kinds of people ruling me. Im not trying to evangelize you, i just needed to get that out. seems like christian schools don't do what their purpose is.
  • I don't think Christianity has anything to do with what most people associate with Christianity. There are fanatics in every group, and there are reasonable people in every group. For instance, I know of a Methodist minister who doesn't believe in a literal interpretation of the Torah or the Bible. He just preaches compassion and acceptance and the positive things that are taught by the stories in the Bible without the dogma. Edit: I wrote "most people", and then I realized that the people I spend time with are for the most part not very religious, but that they only represent a small fraction of the general population. Please pardon my inaccuracy.
  • as a reply to deadfly I think a religion thread would be a fine idea. Obviously we'd have to lay down rules that don't allow rude bashing and talking down on people for their religion but I think we're a civil bunch and can handle being respectful. I probably won't contribute too much because i'm a bit too sensative. I feel like I had something else to said but I got distracted.
  • I think a religion thread is a great idea. We would just have to be careful and not turn it into a debate-ish thing. I've seen too many forums screwed up because of a good intentioned debate forum with religion thrown in. This place is a bit different though, so we'll see.
  • Frankly, I'd be afraid of a debate on religion. It would require everyone involved to be mature, and if that could happen on any forum, I think it'd be here. Nevertheless, it'd be risky. Worth a shot, though. Maybe it could be something like you can only post positive things about spiritual beliefs, and that anything negative about your own or others' beliefs isn't really cool. It could be really interesting, but I'd be afraid of it bringing bad vibes.
  • It's made! I made sure to include plenty of anti-troll warnings.
  • hot diggity dog that would be the best thread since the invention of the wheel. it would also be an appropriate segue into literature and existence. HEE-HA 2 DA DUBL FROP ROP HIPPO HIP HOP SILLY FAT HAMSTER
  • Newest development with Fukushima Daiichi and the other plants is that the nuclear severity rating has been upgraded from 5 to 7. 7 is the highest. It's only emitting about 10% of the radiation that Chernobyl did, but that's still more than I'd like to be around. Renewable energy isn't important, though. Thanks a lot, republicans.
  • contamination nation! JIP JIP!
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