The Best way to warm the environment



  • I hate patios.
  • what?! they're great! and so are little fires! seriously thought this was a real thread ... and even after seeing the little picture! haha! only then did the TRUE horror wash over mine eyes!
  • they came BACK
  • they have tried to woo us one more time before winter is over (kind of a self-centered thought since the weather is different everywhere). I like how they used a picture this time, like its a last ditch attempt to get us to consider a patio heater. well guess what, patious heaterous, we're patio HATERS here. I don't even have a patio and if I did I would spit on it and crush it beneath my heels (impossible? Maybe!) to spite the thought of ever putting a patio Heater on it. Does that make sense? Not really, but it feels good to type.
  • i don't have a patio but i keep on buying the damn things this ones a joke tho i mean come on, a rectangle? take that somewhere else hopefully these adds end soon, i wonder why they advertise here of all internet places?
  • I thought that climate change was supposed to be bad! The high here today is 79, which means I'll have to say "no, thank you," to Patious Heaterous (which is a fabulous name).
  • Ahh, it warms my heart that we have not been completely abandoned by the Patio Heaters. Our own meme.
  • when did meme become a THING... a meme if you will! no one talked about them in such a meta way in the early 00s NO ONE!!!
  • Don't get all sentimental on me here.
  • Just FYI, kiddos, the last two Patio Heater Pushers came from Bolivia. Freaking Bolivia! WHAT DOES IT MEANNNNN
  • my cousin was adopted from bolivia!
  • This may be the funniest thread I've ever read here. Or anywhere.
  • oh my god, bear, this is freaking hilarious, it's been going on for months. I'm so glad they came back so you could meet them.
  • I am too! HERE of all places? How many times have they come before? This puts a big ol' smile on me face.
  • that is hilarious that they come from Bolivia, and yeah, why here? Do they search for patio and find the original patio heater thread and think its a good idea? What makes them think that wants patio heaters? Are their lyrics from Ac that say something alluring to them?
  • Maybe we have a double agent within our midsts. Thats how they know.
  • I really love this.
  • Maybe this is the band's way to make some extra bucks under the table.
  • oh! Possibly Dave... You may just be onto something here.
  • the patio heater conspiracy! bums! IN SPACE!
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