Anyone very familiar with their setlists?

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If so, is there any song that they play at every single show, or have played at every show on a particular tour? I have a theory, which, if proved wrong, I shall never share due to shame.


  • Nah say your theory. No one knows anyone here so who cares.
  • they pretty much always do FireWorks right? damn i'm not sure what others are almost always done... as for even longer there really isn't any songs that stretch across multiple tours... they bring back some (reworked or otherwise) ... like i couldn't believe they played Reworked rabbit in May 09 a whole 2 years later from the first time i saw them play the reworkled blursion! ... that's crazy! they really need to bring back Tigers!
  • *leaps in air, pumps arm, yelps "yesssssssssssss"* My theory is that they play Fireworks every time as a message to the audience (who doesn't get it, but it makes them feel good, or something, sadistic, distancing, who knows)
  • I thought they just played it cause it's a popular tune 'mongst fans from at least SJ's release.
  • it was amusing that it kept growing in length i thought by now it'd be half their show! (and nearly an hour in length!) it'd be amusing if eventually it was the entire show and then they'd come out and do just one song for an encore (and a real lemming like a super slowed down version of beez!)
  • ^ha! well i guess all bets / rules are now geoff!
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