AC Vinyl?

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I dont' have anything 'cept for Water Curses and the Last Night at the Jetty single and perhaps THOMBOY on Saturday. What Animal Collective do you own on the most awesomest format ever??


  • I have Summertime Clothes single, Water Curses, Down There, Spirit, Person Pitch, Tomboy Single, and Tomboy...I think that's it. I really want to increase what vinyl I do have.
  • I saw a Danse Manatee vinyl at my local record store a couple weeks ago. It was the original artwork, not the combined version FatCat released. Does that mean it's like an original Catsup Plate LP?
  • I have most the AC albums on CD, but I do own Strawberry Jam on vinyl.
  • Yeah, I have all on CD. No vinyls for me. I have NO record player. I wish I did though. mmm doggy.
  • i'm not sure Tabelz, that's a good question. I'm exhausted right now but i'll try and research you an answer in the tomorrow time.
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    i've got none ac, i don't even have a working record player now. probably my most favorite vinyl is mr bungle's 2nd album. i've got it framed in my office at work. ac....hmmm, i would want feels or sj. i mean, given my druthers, all of it. but for the things i'm fond of, those two.
  • I've heard feels is kind of rare.... but straw jam's quite easy due to domino being excellent about keeping albums in print. and what exactly is your .gif of yukbon?
  • you can find feels being sold on the internett for way too much money the last time i checked i have Strawberry Jam, its kinda busted up though, i really want to get everything, maybe when i'm rich
  • i want to own everything on CASSETTE! which is really "in" / hip right now! uh! [no 8traxxx jokes! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> ]]]
  • I've got Strawberry Jam, Merriweather, Summertime Clothes, People, and Peacebone. I don't actually own a record player but my roommate has one! Cassettes are SO IN, why else would the Keep Cassette exist? I just need 8 D-CELL batteries for my BOOM BAWX.
  • A Boom Box can change the world! but you gotta know your limit with a boombox! A good record player is hard to find (for cheap)!
  • No records of my own. I've got about 1000 hours of Dead legs, though.
  • I've never owned any vinyl. I guess i don't really go after what i can't rip to my ipod. Unless they make mobile record players with earphones that would be good. But if i had an option of anything on vinyl, id go with strawberry jam... or hollindigan. what about you guys?
  • i think Person Pitch would be great either that or HCTI
  • [quote="derekcollectbone"]i think Person Pitch would be great either that or HCTI[/quote] Agreed
  • I'd really love to have Pullhair Rubeye on vinyl so that I wouldn't have to record my CD player and manually reverse it using Audacity. I could just press a reverse button a record player and hear it in reverse-reverse! FORWARD. MoonDog! You've been missed!
  • I've actually never heard the "normal" version... I've got the forward one. And have I been gone or something? haha
  • Oh, it just seemed that you had been away for a couple days. But perhaps I just didn't see your posts or somesing. But no matter, I've missed ya Dog!
  • such a good dog! [quote]I've got about 1000 hours of Dead legs[/quote] DEAD LEGS! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> (put on yr death boots!)
  • I've never heard the "normal" version of Pullhair either I've never seen an lp for it either, but that would be special.
  • I found a torrent that included "normal" and "reverse" versions of Pullhair. Listening to it the way it was released, it's very atmospheric, I actually had fun because the melodies just sound so weird and interesting when they're reversed... the way it was originally recorded, it was okay but there was nothing really interesting about it. I actually prefer the other way probably
  • if it had been more planned out... to make some groovy backwards THING... i'd be more up on it but no... they just had this simple mellow normal thing and thought HEY! let's just put it backwards! that'll sound kind of groovy... i'm sure any ac album would sound pretty groovy reversed and one could "get into it" ... i don't know reversed / pitch-shiftered [slowed up or sped down] is a touchy area for me... i think it'd be really groovy if someone could plan an album with enough backwards and forwards elements where it'd be like 2 very different feeling albums depending which way you listen but damn that'd be hard to plan out and make work! i've dreamed of doing so!
  • the song New Terrain on the band Mew's latest album is a different song depending on whether it's forwards or backwards. pretty awesome stuff. i'm sure you can hear both on the internet, but it was fun to open it in pro tools and manually do it...
  • Panda's first album has a backwards song. I believe Ohne Titel is A Musician And A Filmmaker in reverse.
  • always thought it was ohne titel in reverse if you have audacity or adobe audition or any similar programs throw winter wonder land in there and listen to that in reverse, it actually sounds pretty awesome
  • Leaf house and did you see the words sounds pretty cool too .
  • [quote="derekcollectbone"]always thought it was ohne titel in reverse [/quote] Unsolved Mystery!
  • This is why everyone needs record players! Or they need to make it so CD players can play music backwards. Oh lanta, but I have none.
  • Without LPs, I'd never get to hear my cat putting her paw on John Lennon's "Imagine" and slowing it down, speeding it up, slowing it down, ad nauseam.
  • it's a demon feline!
  • I've got (from the collective): MPP, Here Comes The Indian, Strawberry Jam, Sung Tongs, Feels, Water Curses, and Fall Be Kind And from Panda: Person Pitch, Last Night At The Jetty, You Can Count On Me, Surfers Hymn, and Tomboy (clear RSD version with the inscriptions) Only a few more to go! <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) -->
  • I just got Down There and Straw Jam!
  • i kind of wish now i had bought the who could win a rabbit vinyl single... that would have been amusing to JUST have that! and it had a groovy cover from the music vid! baby day hey! [she's my apple baby!]
  • she's gonna have my baby! or maybe he's gone leg gone head gone soon you be gone too! i want it all on tape! STILL
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