Favorite AC Album (New and Unlocked)

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A couple people mentioned it over there on the old thread, so I decided to make a new one. This poll will not end. Tell us about your favorite AC albums! No EPs were included as there wasn't enough space to include them all, but tell us about your favorite EPs if you'd like. I also excluded Hollindagain both because there wasn't enough room for it and because it's really a live album.


  • i still have trouble thinking of oddsak as a regular album [because it isn't!] and for some reason my brain wants to count holland even though it is a "live album" ... yet i wouldn't count crack box? i don't know... it bothers me that it is confusing / muddled! keep it simple / keep it clean!
  • Oh man. This is too difficult of a question! Do I pick just one? As for the EPs go.... I'd really have to choose their newest as of now, Fall Be Kind. Avey said in an interview a while ago that it felt kind of autumney to them and that's exactly how it feels for me. And now that I just said the word "feels"... I might have to go with that album (FEELS grood) to be my favorite. I love Panda's (Edgar's) beats in those and Kria's piano. Well, I could list everyone and say that I love what they do. But I won't for length's sake. Feels and Fall Be Kind EP... Those would be my favorites. Both have amazing headphone quality and great for regular speakers too. Perfect blend of styles and sound textures in each. LASPREE
  • Still Strawberry Jam for me.
  • I started the poll but I can't decide. At different times, my favorite album has been (in rough order) Sung Tongs, Spirit, MPP, Straw Jam, and Feels, which is where I am now. I'm gonna have to think about it.
  • i get mad when no one says indian/danse but i get very angry when people DO! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< -->
  • Indian possibly could be my favorite. They all are! Why can't I vote more than once??
  • Because I'm just following what the last thread like this did. Favorite album. But I encounter the same issue you do, I can't choose.
  • Yeah. It's definitely a hard decision. Mine changes too often.
  • mine never changes! it was indian in 03 and it is indian in 2011! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> eyah! it's my obsession with the past! PINK SONG!
  • SPIRIT all the way. I've given my explaination a million times over on our lovely forum home and i'd feel silly doing it again!
  • that's more like an avey solo feat. pander on drums album versus an AC one!
  • If I had to pick without Spirit involved i'd choose INDIAN
  • i'm going to pick spirit, because it has a really unique atmosphere and a sense that there's a unifying story or theme, which a lot of ac's other stuff lacks.
  • Spirit is an infinitely beautiful work of art. The childish wonder present on it just kills me.
  • Lotta votes for Spirit. I wouldn't have expected that.
  • [quote="Dave"]Lotta votes for Spirit. I wouldn't have expected that.[/quote] yes
  • strawjam is the one i've heard the most times but when i'm in the mood for it Spirit is best album by far... so i voted Spirit
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    i love every song on Strawberry Jam and i could listen to them anytime, but i'd have to say that Here Comes The Indian is my favorite, such a great atmosphere and a lot of great effects and Panda plays some awesome drums.
  • With the amount of listens and the amount it resonated with me, I picked Feels. The special thing about feels for me is that its taste almost lingered in my mouth after I listened to it. You know where you still have the same feeling you have when you're listening to something far after you've stopped. that's feels for me. And every time I listen to the first have I'm oh so joyful
  • After about a year of AnCo once a day I clearly have decided that my favorite AC Album is Strawberry Jam Forever Jam is so sweet and tangy, it just brightens up the start of my day. It has a certain consistancy which leaves me wanting more, the album was pretty cool too. Favs off it our Peacebone, Unsolved Mysteries, and For Reverend Green
  • [quote="Dave"]I started the poll but I can't decide. At different times, my favorite album has been (in rough order) Sung Tongs, Spirit, MPP, Straw Jam, and Feels, which is where I am now. I'm gonna have to think about it.[/quote] exactly the same for me (well, different order)... I thought I had finally settled on Feels being my favey but then I listened to Spirit all the way through for the first time in months and now I can't decide anymore! In the past it's also been straw jam and campfire... I think I'll choose campfire songs because I think it's being grossly underrepresented and I think it's a 4-way tie anyway! EDIT: fucking polls, how do I answer them?
  • That was a really tough choice.. Honestly, I could put either Feels, Strawberry Jam, or Spirit as my favorite album of all time by any band.. It's so hard to say which ONE album I prefer. I like each for different reasons- they're all so diverse.. I had to go with Feels, though. (: And I think you just select an option.. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/razz.gif" alt=":P" title="razz" /><!-- s:P -->
  • Sung Tongs is bolded... does that mean I already picked it? I don't remember doing that... Well just consider Campfire Songs at 1 vote!!
  • [quote="deadfly"]Sung Tongs is bolded... does that mean I already picked it? I don't remember doing that... Well just consider Campfire Songs at 1 vote!![/quote] Danse Manatee is bolded for me, and yeah, uh, no, I did not choose that. There isn't any way for me to go in and modify the poll, the choice to block The Changing Of The Mind is the poll creators.
  • listening to the Sung Tongs vinyl reissue made me realize how much I love that record too. such a unique atmosphere and style, yet to hear anything like it, the way they use feedback and electronic textures under a freak folk guitar mass? brilliant! spirit is pretty great, even if i rarely listen to it all the way through. still feels though. 1st half for the best pop songs AC has ever written and 2nd for their most interesting and beautiful experiments. and then turn into something! good god that song is so good and it's so underrated. the way it ends is probs my 2nd favorite way an album ends behind jeff mangum putting down his guitar and walking out of the room
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    oh lol I just realized this is an old thread. Thanks a lot Peacefish, for reviving this thread and making a fool out of me.
  • I forgot I made this thread! Feels is still my darlin'.
  • Deadfly I am the fool on the hill. I spelled "are" like "our". Also I did not mention Feels and how Banshee Beat made me and my go totaly crazy for that song this summer. Should I resurect that thread...?
  • It's been resurrected! The resurrection is complete! Now we just have to kill it again.
  • Strawberry Jam is my favorite, I think the mix of songs on it is great. Every single one of their albums are amazing, I just feel Strawberry Jam gets just Squeaks by the others.
  • I chose Sung Tongs simply because it has most of the songs I love to sing along to. It's a great album for a Fall day and it just has this warmth to it like friendship or something. <!-- s:3 --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/nod.gif" alt=":3" title="nod" /><!-- s:3 --> My second favorite would have to be either HCTI or MPP. Quite a different end of the spectrum but both albums have such a great use of audio space and create such a unique atmosphere. <!-- s:heart: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/heart.gif" alt=":heart:" title="heart" /><!-- s:heart: -->
  • [color=#BF0000]I Thought for sure there would be more votes for merriweather and strawberry jam[/color]
  • Sung Tongs forever <3 Feels is a close second though
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    Water Curses is their best music to me, but it's to short to be an album. I know the reason I found them is because of Merriwheather Post Pavillion but that album somewhat frustrates me in the way that it's three guys sitting at computers. Strawberry Jam has good songs but no flow and they are all loud so I can't fall asleep to it. Sung Tongs is amazing but I don't feel the power of them. Spirit they've gone they've vanished I adore, two guys just making music together, you feel like you're with them just having fun making music for music. I have yet to fully get into here comes the Indian, Campfire songs is good if you're in the mood for it. Fall be kind isn't that good accept for What would I want Sky?. Danse Manatee has songs that are not really songs and even though they sound good I can't have that be my favorite. Oh I know. Feels feels feels feels. It's their freekin masterpiece and I love every song. I will never get sick of that album. FEELS FEELS FEELING IS GOOD!!!!
  • feels has a bit too many snoozers! flesh canoe, bees, daffy duck hell banshy beast! but man... did you see them birds?, grash, purple bottle, turn into something! and though it is mellow LAKE is super groovy
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    Whaaaaaa I really like Flesh Canoe and Daffy Duck as parts of an album (it's really a great album, unlike MPP and SJ which seemed at times more like collections of great singles), and I LOVE Bees and Banshee Beat. The latter two are two of my favorite songs. It's all about taste, dude. For instance, I don't really listen to their early stuff anymore at all. It's too frenetic for my taste these days. I used to listen to it all the time, like almost exclusively 2004 and earlier. Just because I don't like listening to Danse or Hollindagain anymore doesn't mean they don't still have merit as pieces of music, that they don't still sound good. They're just not right for the way I feel right now. I dunno, it bums me out to hear some of my favorite songs called "snoozers". Mellow does it for me these days, just as over-the-top intensity did it for me in years past. I'm sure that will change again, too. Also, I love everything on FBK except for the pan flute portion of Bleed. Calling any of this stuff bad is worse than pointless. It runs the risk of making people feel bad when music that's close to their hearts is criticized. THAT MAKES ME A VERY SAD PANDA (bear.)
  • damn i can't believe people don't see Strawberry Jam as being a cohesive album, i thought the album flowed very nicely. purplesage, merriweather was not just made on a step sequencer, while the samples were made via a computer they were then programmed onto samplers and played by ac, its not like they sat in front of a computer to get In The Flowers to drop in like it does. that takes getting together and practicing the songs. I like that feels moves slowly at parts, it just makes the energetic songs stand out more. I refuse to label this album a masterpiece because that would mean the best of anco has come and gone. but then again everyone is entitled to their opinion and all of our unique opinions make this a great place to talk about music
  • Aw man, I really can't choose. All I know is that I really really like Strawberry Jam, Spirit They've Gone, Spirit They've Vanished, Sung Tongs, & Feels. And Merriweather Post Pavillion~ Darn it. Now I'm thinking about Campire Songs. And Water Curses. Nevermind man!
  • lol well said
  • I have read through and come to a semi mild decision... MPP or FALL BE KIND I like them both ! But that took me a while, i really want to say all of them but it is so incredibly hard ! BLEUGH
  • BLEEDE! ding harts corey!
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