Your Audio Setup?

Just wondering what every uses to listen to their music! I'm getting my first real high-quality headphones ever in a week or so, a pair of Grado SR80i's. I found them on craigslist for 80 ducks, a pretty good deal. [url][/url] I'm really excited to listen to all my music in an entirely new way, which, if the reviews don't exaggerate, is what they offer! And I have a fairly large CD collection, and I realized that most they mp3s I got off my cds have pretty low bitrate so I'm re-ripping a lot of them as we speak. I'm certainly not an audiophile but I'm starting to get more into trying to get the most out of my music. Mostly it's because one of my friends has one of the really high end pairs of grados (RS1) that cost like $695, as well as a high end CD player, a preamp and a bunch of other stuff, plus he only download's FLAC files on his computer. So yeah, the first time I listened to those I was like fuh... So what do you listen to your music with? Any people who would consider themselves "audiophiles"?


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  • [quote]80 ducks[/quote] ha! i HATE audio pet-o-files! ugh! for me i don't like 320 or v0 or whatever you kids call them theser days! don't even get me started on the roberta FLAK ATTAK! <!-- s>__< --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/mad.gif" alt=">__<" title="mad" /><!-- s>__< --> i prefer 128 kbits any higher is pushing it oh for sure!
  • Honestly, 18 kbps is really the way to go if you want super high quality audio.
  • I have a lot of home stereo speakers, plugged into a home stereo preamp, and it is not used for home stereo things at all. I use a DVD player to play my CDs. I bought my dad a kinda crappy USB turntable and it's not set up yet. I wanted to get him a better one but he won't let me. I don't have any records. I have been used $10 earbuds forever. I have no idea what the quality of my ripped CD files are. My computer's speakers sound really nice. /NO SHAME IT SOUNDS GOOD TO ME!
  • Hey if it's good for you then it's good for me!!
  • Finally got my headphones, from this guy named Al... He was a cool dude! They sound great anyway. Especially when I hook em up to my dad's stereo and amp! With CDs! And I still have to "burn them in". Which is apparently something you're supposed to do! It even says so right there on the piece of paper in the box. I was thinking about posting a pic but eh if you're interested you'll click on the link up there right?
  • sound recorder records the sound
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