Review of Animal Collective in Oslo 2007.

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I found a review of the one and only AC-concert I´ve been to. It was right after Strawberry Jam, and I had just started listening to them. But I wasn´t hooked, until after the show. The review is in norwegian, but I´ve done a quick translation with Babel Fish first, and then corrected some of the biggest flaws. It´s on the bottom of this post. There´s a link to the review here, including a pretty cool picture: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... collective</a><!-- m --> And here´s the review in english, I must warn you that the translation is done pretty fast: Last time Animal Collective played in Oslo (Blå, 2004), they delivered a flamboyant session based on loud sound, noisy elements and war paint. It was a great concert, for better or worse, for a pretty small crowd. They had just released Sung Tongs, their most accessible album, but on stage they broke with all structures and lived out their most primal urges. Three years later, Animal Collective have released Feels and Strawberry Jam, both of which have continued along the same road: More electronics, more focus on songs, wider availability. There was a certain tension in the air at John Dee this evening, the event was sold out and there were some unexpected people present. This was the happening of the week in Oslo. Animal Collective played as a trio; Avey Tare, Panda Bear and Geologist, and the instrumentation confirmed their present sound. There were few regular instruments, instead there were drum machines, keyboards, effect pedals, a simple drum and sometimes a guitar. They created a massive wall of sound and rhythm based set that included everything from strict techno beats to African polyrythmics. With this background, the trio played with an impressive vitality, where the vocals where world class. They are now in the situation where they not only play recognizable songs, but outright hits that should have made the quiet audience go crazy. Peace Bone and a twisted version of Who Could Win a Rabbit were the highlights from a concert that never ended up being predictable. It seemed like they performed a number of new songs, and it reminded us that these animals are more focused on the future than the past. Because of that Animal Collective are an important act in contemporary rock, they play a type of music where they dismiss the old dogmas, draw a new map and comes up with something vibrant and challenging in 2007. Animal Collective did not focus as strongly during the entire concert, and an extended middle section made me lose some interest. When they united into a real jungle-happening in the end, complete with animal-like chanting, that was forgotten.


  • cool! you saw em in oslo, huh? i saw them in utah on that leg of the tour. now i live in karlstad (pretty close to oslo, actually) and i'm hoping they come to scandinavia soon. if they came to way out west i would be so gleefully happy.
  • Yeah, I saw them in Oslo, one the best concerts I´ve seen. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/smile-1.gif" alt=":)" title=":)" /><!-- s:) --> This was october 16, and SJ was released in september, so it was pretty new. I think maybe it was their first show on a Europe-tour. I think the review was pretty good, and fun to read concidering what has happened afterwards. This website also has a review of a concert in Oslo in 2004, just after Sung Tongs. Unfortunately I didn´t know AC then... I sure hope they´ll come to Scandinavia soon, but I suspect that won´t happen until a new record is out.
  • i did! and that's what REALLY hurts! is i do it to myself!
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  • that was no dream!
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