A small request for the Vienna concert

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First of all - hello! I'm impressed with that large, active website and its community. I don't know if it's the right section or is it appropriate to ask you guys about a favor, but I'm taking my boyfriend to your concert in Vienna on May 23rd, which will be a birthday present for him. Could you just say then from the stage Happy Birthday to Mike? He will jump for joy. Many thanks, I'm so happy for the gig! Chris


  • Hi Chris! I regret to tell you that we are merely a fan forum. We have as much direct contact with the band as you do. I'm glad you checked us out, though! And who knows, the band may check the posts from time to time, happen across yours, and comply. Have fun, anyways!
  • Hi winiula, thanks for clearing up.
  • so now you know! and then you go!
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