Summer Tour

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So I'm thrilled out of my mind for the Orlando stop on AC's summer tour. I've never seen them in concert before. Who has been to one of their concerts? Any stories or wise words? And who's going this summer? (:


  • Just realized I posted this in the wrong place...sorry guys...
  • Seems close enough to me. I'm going! I'd love to see them at more than one location, but I think it's going to have to be limited to just that for now.
  • i really need a job, cos there are new york tickets still and i really want to go!!!!!!!! edit: i'm going!!!!!!!
  • Yah I'd love to go to two locations. I'd consider doing atlanta as well but that's the next day but that's not going to happen...
  • all them girls walking by in their sum are old timey cloths!
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