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Does anyone know if there is a studio version of this song? I know it is Summertime clothes with different lyrics, but i cant seem to find anything but live versions.


  • They almost always play their songs live before recording them, so the lyrics changed during touring and Summertime Clothes is what they recorded.
  • There were other minor changes. Besides the lyrics, the chorus used to be sung in higher notes with more energy. I prefer "Bearhug" over "Summertime Clothes" because there is more energy in those earlier performances. Check out this version (which I am certain many of you have seen): [youtube] I haven't really looked for other versions because this suffices for me (could do without the Avey scream which doesn't make sense for a song like this, Haha. [but I guess he was still excited by the freshness of the material]). Also, there is another early version (probably in Gets?) where you can hear Avey doing an early version of the "When the sun goes down we'll go out again" part that I also like. The only bad thing about that version is Geologist (I'm assuming) doing this annoying coin/change roll loop too loud through out most of the song.
  • [quote]the Avey scream which doesn't make sense [/quote] ha! it made so much sense and was crime to cut it! i'm so sad when studio versions get toned down / subdued blursions... and i could always use more yelling / screaming / yelping! YELPING! that is what they used to call it!
  • Ahh, bootlegs. There are some things which you wish could've made it into the studio but you just know it'd never happen. Like the whistling after the breakdown in Brother Sport, 07/10 at Amsterdam, and in the current tour, at the Petaluma show you can hear some guy go "Oh, SHIT!" just before the singing in Your Choice. Some sweet audience participation right there.
  • Wowwwww!! thank you for the video <!-- s:up: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/up.gif" alt=":up:" title="up" /><!-- s:up: -->
  • hahaha! that single "OH SHIT!" is great. I've listened and laughed at that many a time. I love a good quality bootleg. Studio quality, but the intensity of a live performance. mmm.
  • bearhuggles!
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