Spammers are everywhere, i know that wini has left, not a nice site to return to. I still don't think ill be posting often, but the entire page of the arrivals is spammed out. not a good thing. this sucks..


  • it isn't too bad right now but i could imagine it getting a lot worse / unbearable... many forums have gone totally to hell because of stuff like this getting out of control and boy would i hate to lose this place (or have to restart / wipe it all clean ... and lose all the old postings of so many years) i still don't know why wini had to leave or why terror toast became mod just recently if she too wasn't going to be around! in a perfect world we wouldn't even need mods... i thought when you register there is some question or THING that keeps spammers out? or something...
  • hateradio took the spam-proof question out, now you just have to write out a word. All spammers have been banned and crap posts deleted. Faithfully but invisibly yours, Wini
  • she's black! and she's better than ezra! [and monica! and chandler!] BING!
  • wait when did wini leave?
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