Geologist on Domino Radio

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For all who enjoy AC playlists, Geologist has a show for Domino Record's radio station this Friday at 11:00 PM London time so I don't know what time here. Stream it live at Should be good since Panda's NPR DJ session was awesome!


  • that sounds cool and for once i'll be able to listen to it without staying up really late.
  • Totally watching this! Thanks, even though I'll probably be up at some crazy hour to listen in..!
  • i cant wait. Is there a possibility of someone recording his session and distributing it for free or currency?
  • Count on Domino archiving it, or check over at Collected Animals!
  • why can't WE have it too? not "over there"! oh noppa!
  • If I'm not mistaken, all you'd have to do for it to be archived is provide a copy of it in MP3 or a lossless format (go FLAC!) and send it to Hateradio or a moderator, who would then presumably add it to the "Gets" section. I don't know if there would be copyright issues, however, since it's Domino and since it's a DJ session (AC doesn't own the music.) AC is down to share their live performances because they're taper-friendly, but that doesn't mean all the artists Geo likes will be into that, especially with studio work, which some of the stuff on Geo's playlist undoubtedly is. That would be a reason for it not to be available here or on the Archive or on CA. To answer your question directly, though: it's less likely that we'd have it here because of the minimal site activity of our admins and mods. If someone sends a copy in, I'm sure one of them would oblige, but at this point in time I don't see it happening without other people taking some initiative.
  • once again, the sexual harrassment panda explains life so effortlessly. now give us a dance thank you, and lets hope the stars align tonite
  • Now !!! [url][/url]
  • I didn't listen. How was it?
  • you can listen to the show [url=]here[/url].
  • hey look at geo freaking out he's on the RADIOHHHHhhhhhhhhh
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