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I'm seeing that AC is touring as a four piece. I'll be seeing them in Prospect Park next week. (Yeaaaa!) Can someone please tell me who's in the current lineup? What instruments do they play? Are there more people singing now than avey & panda? What's the brief history of the in's and out's? Do you guys think the 4 piece creates a bigger, fuller sound? Do you prefer it? Thanks for filling in some of the blanks here for me!


  • Avey Tare (Dave Portner) sings, plays stringed things and beep boop machines Panda Bear (Noah Lennox) sings, plays drums, banging noise things, and beep boop machines. Geologist (Brian Weitz) plays knobular waah waah voop beep boop chugga chugga machines. Deakin (Josh Dibb) plays jangly sway sway and sings maybe. Some beep boop as well, although as the band evolves that may change. I'm sure everyone opens their mouth and makes noise, but Avey and Panda are the main vocals. Brief history of the ins and outs...well, you could get really technical and nerdy and argue but essentially it has been those four, except for MPP which was 3 minus Deakin. A four piece with as many beep boop chugga wang wangs as them is bound to make a fuller sound. They can be a bit more delicate and nuanced if they choose. I like the psychological interaction of the four. I also like less plastic and more dirt.
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  • his name is Roger!
  • Deaks is singing and drumming on an electronic pad on "Change", the tune that's been the opener for every show this tour. He's also playing what sounds like a guitar synth; a lot of the keyboard-like sounds on the new stuff is actually his guitar, as I saw last night. Really interesting, I've gotta find out how he makes those sounds. Maybe a VG-99?
  • i'm going to be SO lost on the names of new tunes... i have literally no idea right now... very much the same was true for tomboy song names and somewhat for mpp songs... sometimes it overwhelms me!
  • Thanks for the cliffs notes, winilula! Appreciated!
  • mulch obliged!
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