Oh so excited for the Mr Smalls show tomorrow...

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My girlfriend and I can't freakin wait for the Mr. Smalls show tomorrow in Pittsburgh! We are taking a bus from Harrisburg just for the occasion! I can't wait to hear the new stuff, and hope they play some old stuff too, but what I'm really wondering is what the merch is lookin like. We collect show-specific posters (usually screen printed and limited) and my main question is if anyone who has seen them on this tour thus far have seen anything like that, or if there is any cool vinyl or tour exclusives aside from the obligatory tour shirt. We don't have a hotel so will be staying up in the city until our bus comes at 6am, so I'm just trying to figure out if she needs the big purse or little one for all the cool stuff we'll no doubt be picking up lol


  • Hoffa gude time. [img]http://geekadelphia.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/cat_ladies.jpg[/img]
  • [quote]We don't have a hotel so will be staying up in the city until our bus comes at 6am, [/quote] damn! that's pretty intense? what does one do between 2am and 6am? that'd feel so weird in the morning the next day... the big purse or the little purse... haha!
  • More like midnight until 6am. Show I went to ended at 11:45.
  • Well, let me first say, Pittsburgh has no benches ANYWHERE (save the parks which are already home to the homeless) so if you ever find yourself waiting for your 6am bus, hang out in the Greyhound bus terminal... no one there asks for proof that you are actually a customer, they have places to sit, food, tv, and more homeless sleeping on the floor! But don't think you're gonna sleep in those god-forsaken, metal benches lol Second, ANIMAL COLLECTIVE WAS SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!!! I knew to expect greatness, but this far surpassed anything I could have imagined! The new songs were so fucking awesome, I pray they put them on an album (or that someone as a decent recording of the show). The old songs were just as powerful as the new ones, and the new compositions for them was out of this world! I took notice that some of the new ones, and even on Summertime Clothes, there was very much a hint of blues in the guitar work, which I'm guessing is the welcome addition of Deacon back to the lineup. Speaking of which, Deac's song that he sings, as well as his guitar playing, if off the hook! The set pieces were outstanding as well! I was so amazed how some simple designs continued to evolve as the night drove on. I think they played for damn near 3 hours, and finished with a dub-steppy take on Taste, which was soooo good! I really hope someone posts the setlist (and possibly a recording) of the show because I'm not too familiar with the new song names. I read that the set lists are pretty much the same but I just want to make sure. There was this one new song that had the most amazing, driving drone of guitar and noise... that just explodes after about 2 to 3 minutes, then returns. That song alone I think went on for near 6 or 7 minutes. Brothersport was also freakin amazing, and I didn't time it, but I feel that went on close to 10. After it, I was exhausted just from the sheer energy, and I noticed that Avey even made a look of relief on his face afterward lol In all, it was an amazing night. Mr. Smalls is a great venue, one of the best I've been to, and Animal Collective, well... I don't know if I can ever see another band again!
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  • [quote]home to the homeless[/quote] ha!
  • Hey, it's onebraineno from the "other board" I recorded the show and I figured I'd share the love. [code]http://www.mediafire.com/?pn15xo551ilgohv[/code]
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  • wait are you THE dave? Dave Havok? models of the week! uh!
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  • i wonder how many have been there since CA1 ... AND been on all 4! ... i like to pretend it is just me baby just me!
  • @theonebrianeno Thanks so much! I've been checkin in on there and just found it (prior to seeing your post here lol)! I usually record all the shows I go to, but my recorder broke and I was so pissed because this was the show I was waiting so long for... you are awesome!
  • JUST ME BABY jus me!
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