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Tonight's show was awesome! Was anyone else there? The new songs all sounded great, and the whole place was moving during Brothersport and Summertime Clothes. Really an unforgettable night


  • imagine hearing songs from MPP @ MPP! i can't! too meta! too metal!
  • i was there!! the show was incredible. the best part hands down was taste at the end. the rap beat they had going over it was amazing. i cant wait until someone uploads it. they worked their asses off!!
  • great show last night!! was down in the pit, the crystals on stage were awesome, loved the setup. the last song blew me away... anyone have a full setlist? edit: nevermind, found the set... but now who has the recording?? <!-- s:winky: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/winky.gif" alt=":winky:" title="winky" /><!-- s:winky: --> Change Stop Thinking Did You See the Words Long Long Time Ago Take This Weight Knock You Down Brothersport Mercury Your Choice Frights We Tigers Summertime Clothes Encore: I'd Rather Little Kid Taste
  • I think that's the same set they've been playing all tour, except for Taste which they started played a few nights ago. Kind of wish they'd change it up a bit, if only for the sake of having more shows to download and listen to, but they've been working out the new songs really nicely and the transitions are smoother and smoother.
  • Although I am sad, it's not that varied, I think this setlist is such a winner. It's really tight with the songs hitting peaks and then fading into quiter songs. I was dancing so hard during Brothersport that I was relieved when I realized the next two songs were mercury and Your Choice, so I had time to collect (heh) myself and prepare for the inevitable extreme dancing during We Tigers into Summertime Clothes (best transition ever). I loved the transitions and listening for the different little things each of them were doing. I was closest to Avey and Geo so watching them play off each other and looking at Avey giving specific looks to Deaks on the other side of the stage was fun. Also, WASN'T THE SET BEAUTIFUL. I was mad that I had to move to see Panda, but it was worth it, the stage was stunning!
  • Yeah, the set design really looks great. The bats! The bats!
  • look what I found... <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
  • [quote="Ziltoid"]look what I found... <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->[/quote] finally found this thanks to you sir. Isn't it about time AnCo start touring relentlessly?
  • at the end of the MPP show, Avey said "We'll be back soon!". Perhaps they're staying around Baltimore to record the album?
  • That's certainly plausible, it being their hometown and all. Plus I think they may all be living there once again now that they're back in the U.S.
  • Man oh brother, I hope so. That's only 3 hours from where I live. Definitely worth the drive if it's for an AC show.
  • Absolutely. I drove upwards of 500 miles roundtrip to see them. Worth it.
  • so worth shit!
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