Happy New Year AC.org

Me and P Diddy spent it watching Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo and eating McDonalds. Hope you have as much fun as we did!


  • it's not new years here yet! how awesome is that. you're all the way in 2010 and i'm still in stupid 2009.
  • Wow, are you kidding? That is semi-unfair. Here I am in 2009, chillin on my computer, and you're all the way in 2010, livin it up? Tell me, future man, does the future have more Animal Collective and less Justin Beiber? Cause if so, 2010 might be worth the wait.
  • in the future you'll both be deeeeeead!
  • Sometimes you have to wait and be quiet and let cool shit happen instead of making a lot of noise and hoping it starts a trend, or hoping that it's enough to generate new cool shit.
  • no! i just made the real eye zizization that i can just have fun entertaining myself! again! sometimes i forget! the board is my playground! all we need is our imagination! (and we're like never alone!)
  • dog's got his bone! zuh!
  • Edited down to nothing.
  • building nothing out of some thing! turn in2!
  • and this is why you have the most posts.
  • lol ^ I thought it was the 50-post G.O.'s-conversation-with-himself thread. Now, where did that go?
  • not long now... ahhh! the final few hours of 2013! and then in 2014? THE UNICORNS WILL RETURN!
  • 2014 will be the year of ACORG We will rise
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