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I don't know if this is is just me, but many times I have seen conversations going on about Merriweather Post Pavillion on the internet and people are always like OMG YOU'RE SUCH A HPISTER. It makes me sad to see that hipsters apparently tarnished the general view on the album, that it is just a tool for hipsters to look legit. Even Robin Pecknold, the lead singer of Fleet Foxes, says that he calls hipsters "merriweathers". I don't know it's just kind of annoying having people not recognizing the album as a work of music. Comments?


  • I literally cannot explain in words how much I hate it when somebody a joke about hipsters, or when somebody calls an album or band 'hipster' and says that everyone who listens to that band/album is a certain type of person who lives a very specific lifestyle, and expect to be thought of as 'witty' or 'funny'. Maybe if it wasn't so overused, I would be just slightly annoyed by it. But it's just so overused, ignorant, pointless, and unfunny that I have to work not to get really angry.
  • My friends and I used to get super defensive about that kind of thing because we listen to a lot of music that is generally associated with "hipster douchebags", but for the most part we don't really care anymore..it's just another stereotype.. just like not every guy in a college frat is a "bro douchebag" or not every high school football player is a "jock douchebag", etc... I think people tend to group others, its just human nature... I find that even with those stereotypes most people are open-minded enough to learn to like you regardless of the group that you might get placed in...and if they're so close-minded that they dismiss you immediately after seeing your clothes or hearing the music you listen to, they probably aren't worth knowing anyway...!
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  • I agree with you people. I can't tell you how many times I bring up Animal Collective and people are like "ew, hipster"! It makes me even more mad when they bring up the fact that they will never ever listen to Animal Collective because it is hipster bullshit. I guess we're all guilty of that a little bit (I guess I automatically dislike most rap), but really. It pisses me off.
  • Yeah, the labeling is the worst. I don't know why there is so much hate. I look at Merriweather differently than every other AnCo album because of the labeling. I would like to not have this different perspective on it, but I feel it is something I can't escape. Pertaining to fans, I try to talk to people about AnCo because the band has a special place in my life but most of the time I only run into MPP fans. As if MPP fans and Anco fans are completely different people, yet the two overlap (Like a Venn Diagram.) All of this hipster labeling and liking things for "hip" creditably is so annoying. Why can't people just enjoy things for what they are? In the end, I love AnCo and I love MPP and I love connecting with people through both. (Sorry for the mess of a paragraph! I get very riled up about this topic. It is frustrating.)
  • That was very well said! Basically everything I'd have to say has already been mentioned- people who have actually heard of Animal Collective are constantly labelling me as a hipster for liking their music, so it's nothing I haven't heard before. One thing that really upset me was a very close friend of mine started telling people that I only like the music I like because it's not popular, and I want to seem cool. I think the whole 'hipster' thing is just another annoying stereotype that people have taken too far. But then again, all stereotypes turn out that way..
  • Although I'd say my opinion of this is pretty close deadfly's, us being buds, I'd just like to chime in and say I think the saddest part with associating people with the things they enjoy is oftentimes we lump cool stuff with a certain type of person and write it off, or we judge people based on the things we like, kind of like John Cusack in High Fidelity where he says "people are defined by the stuff they like". I think that's a sad thing we do, grouping people and art and act like they're playing off one another. I find no greater joy in showing a friend who might not listen to the same type of music as me something they would enjoy. And I'm trying to not just look at people based on the stuff we like
  • The less you care what other people think, the happier you'll be. We're all one step away from naked and everything else is bullshit. Hipster is [i]still[/i] a type of Ladies Underpants, anyways.
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  • [quote="winilula"]The less you care what other people think, the happier you'll be. We're all one step away from naked and everything else is bullshit. [/quote] I'm naked right now. Not really.
  • I'm naked right now. Really.
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  • Pretentious ties! They're prenteties!
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