How does anco make their music?

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this is actually a pretty heavily searched topic on google, and no site gives an explanation. gear, techniques, digital or analog? just be as descriptive as you can, and im sure this thread will thoroughly answer the question (or maybe not).


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  • they lay eggs
  • [quote="thedude"]they lay eggs[/quote] The Dude!!! It's nice to see you! Now, do the eggs make music or is it the laying of the eggs that makes music? Or both? Is Animal Collective actually...gasp...THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY?
  • the partridge fambly on ACID!
  • Yes!^ hahaha
  • [img][/img] Tracy always looked like a vampire to me... Inspiration for Vampire Deaks?
  • That's super creepy dude.
  • Almost as creepy as you not having an avatar again.
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